Vinnie Moore - Aerial Visions (new album oct. 2015)

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Vinnie Moore - Aerial Visions (new album oct. 2015)

#1 Post by b2 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:18 am

It's been a long time since rock'n roll.
It's also been a long time since a new good instrumental rock album.

A few days ago I noticed Vinnie Moore released a new solo album in oct. 2015.
I don't read guitar magazines these days, so I believe I first saw it at
The album is called "Aerial Visions"" onclick=";return false;
The style is more rock, heavy, "folk", a bit blues. Not the old days neo-classical.

I have listen to the album the last days and like it a lot.
Many nice rock instrumental songs. Most of them sort of feel good songs.
Some of my favourites are:
"Faith", "Looking Back", "The Dark Dream", "Calling Out", "A Million Miles Gone".

Check some of the songs on or whatever you are using.
But remember to buy, e.g. mp3 files from

"Faith" is my personal favourite, but the guitar solo in "The Dark Dream" between
03:45-04:25 is excellent. Have a listen at" onclick=";return false;

"A Million Miles Gone" has som lydian stuff going on so a bit like Steve Vai, some parts.
"Now's the Time" has some mixolydian stuff, so a bit Satriani sound. Both these are good songs.

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Re: Vinnie Moore - Aerial Visions (new album oct. 2015)

#2 Post by toonnee » Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:27 pm

I also like to listen Vinnie'song.
sound so good!

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