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Anibal Palazolo

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:07 pm
by fineweather
In this morning my mother told me by telephone that her friend went to Spain recently and came across Spanish guitar music which a guitarist played at the Park Guell (one of works of Antoni Gaudí). My mother's friend is a soprano singer of classical music but the tone of the guitar and his music moved her and she bought his CD. She lent the CD to my mother, who is a fan of classic music and don't like popular music so much (not to mention of rock music ;p). My mother is over 70 year old and recently gets tired easily, so she felt tired yesterday and happened to listen to the CD...and then...she felt comfortable and refreshed by the tone of guitar and his music. She told me she didn't know about guitar music well but she felt his guitar music is very wonderful, especially the tone of guitar.
She told me the guitarist's name is Anibal Palazolo.
I searched him on web but I could find few." onclick=";return false;

If anyone knows about him, could you please let me know about him and his music? Thanks!

(I put same post on the ATB Forum on Andy's official site, too.)