who would u most like to c a guitar duel between?

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The Fellow from Blue oyster cult(arg... whats his name) And tonny Iommi
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Btw. All ppl who say that they want this and this person have an guitar duel against each other, pls motivate your answers.

I mean just so that a guy like me could possiboly see why you want theese ppl to have an guitar duel against each other.

Well, cheers! 8)
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When you say duel I think of trying to out do each other. I am wanting to see two artist have fun together.. That is all.

Joe Satriani - Gary Hoey
I just think it would be cool, happy sounds :lol:

Steve Vai - Eddie Van Halen
That is just a cool thought to me 8)

John Petrucci - Steve Morse
A hero's hero. :D

Paul Gilbert - Nuno Bettencourt
Who wouldn't :?:

Neal Schon - Gary Moore
they are some smooth guitarist with that passionate blues vibe.

Tony Macalpine - Vinnie Moore
just because they have a lot of the same style licks

Michael Romeo - Yngwie Malmsteen
Just for kicks 8)

Andy Timmons - Eric Johnson
some beautiful music right there

Gorge Lynch - Dimebag Darral
A slew of Pinch harmonics and whammy trcks

and finally
Al De meola - Allan Holdsworth
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kettil wrote:Ron Thal and Mattias 'IA' Eklundh! That would be friggin' awesome! :shock: 8)
I saw that live, and it kicked ass !!
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I totally missed that. Any pictures?
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Mike Keneally on Piano vs Mike Keneally on Guitar
jesse sutton
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Ron Thal - Mattias Eklundh
Frank Gambale - Brett Garsed
Buckethead - John Petrucci
Eric Johnson - Stanley Jordan
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Michael Angelo vs. Rusty Cooley

(Battle of the shred titans :twisted:)

Tom Delonge vs. Wes Borland

Vai vs. Ry Cooder (for real this time :P)

Zakk Wylde vs. Anyone else on the Ozzfest Tour
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Jimi Hendrix v Frank Zappa

Two of the greatest 60s musicians, and I want to know if the rumour I've heard about frank playing after Jimi, imitating him and making his jaw draw was true.

There is, of course, the problem that they both played the same actual guitar.
Ryan Layton
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Gary Hoey-Joe Satriani
I'd like to see them do it when Joe is in Satch Boogie mode.

Steve Vai-Eddie Van Halen
My friend and I argue over who would be the "winner" but I know that it would be a really fun thing to watch/hear.

Eric Johnson-Andy Timmons
They sound slightly similar to me so I'd like to hear that one.

Joe Satriani-Allan Holdsworth
They both have such great legato (even though I think Allan's is better) and even though they are diffent I think they could have some fun.

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Jimi Hendrix
I agree, I would rather hear them make an album togeather or something but I think that as long as they would have had fun togeather that there could have been some awesome music played.
Henrique Henriques
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Maybe not a duel, but a friendly
"trade off"

Allan Holdsworth- Steve Vai

Ron Thal- Steve Vai

BucketHead- Paul Gilbert

Yngwie Malmsteen- Michael Romeo


That would be evil sounding
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Just to point out.I haven't heard it,but I read that on the ex dt keyboardists to cd black utopia(I think his name is Derek Serinian or something)there's a song called "axis of evil" with YJM and Zakk Wylde.Needless to say it's gotta' be awesome.

I'd also like to see

Steve-Joe just cause
JP-Michael Romeo
Hammett-King make King put up or shut up.
The Prez
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Mikey Vs Moderator777
Me Vs the World
Steve Vai Vs Jack Butler
Kirt Hammet Vs anyone working for Napster
Frank Zappa Vs Dweezil Zappa
Stevie Ray Vaughan vs Jimmie Vaughan
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Mike Keneally vs Ron Thal
Bill Frisell vs Allan Holdsworth
Bill Frisell vs The Edge or Andy Summers
Django vs Charlie Christian
Hendrix vs Van Halen
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Bohm wrote:
ShawShred wrote:I agree with Jimi and SRV, but I don't think I'd want them dueling, I think I'd want to hear what they could write together...
Yeah true. It's cooler to see what artists can brag together with than brag against each other.. :idea:
While I agree with both you. Not to be a butt-face(oh yeah, good word), the question was who you like to see duel. Not who'd you want to see play together. But I do agree with you

-Ramma :twisted:
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