Sampling, is it cheating or is it a cool thing?

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lydian2000 wrote:( I even wonder if he did perform on the olympics in the closing ceremony for free)
They gave him a gold medal :wink:
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big thanks to guitarmanK1982, he again brings some interesting music to us

Aoki Takamasa is definitely not "not-musical" 8)
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Howdy folks
I haven't read the whole thread but check it. ... efault.jpg
One of my favorite examples of creative sampling. It's not just looping. Like it or not, it's a lot different from the sampling that usually gets a bad rap.
Also I've once seen a comment on a video along the lines of "Sampling is a postmodern art form. It is making art out of art."
Also a lot of creative samplers sample a piece or an element of the music and create music around it.
Example of the process -
He samples a voice part from George Duke Billy Cobham live in europe album.
Also, didn't Steve sample the voice in blood and tears?
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