Guthrie Govan Mimicking the Greats

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The "winners" of each category were:

Best chord voicings - Eric Johnson
Best use of capo - James Taylor
Best strumming - Pete Townsend
Best use of E-Bow or sustaining device - The Edge
Best vibrato - BB King
Best string bending - David Gilmour
Best finger picking - Mark Knopfler
Best hybrid picking - Albert Lee
Best tapping - Eddie Van Halen
Best palm muting - Al Di Meola
Best sweep picking - Yngwie
Best speed, Best alternate picking, Best string skipping - Pablo Giblerto
Best pinched harmonics - Zakk Wylde
Best use of an effect - Tom Morello
Best legato - Satch
Best fretting hand reach, Best use of harmonics - Steve Vai
Best use of slide - Sonny Landreth
Best feel - Jeff Beck
Best timing - John Schofield
Most creative/experimental player, Best use of whammy bar, Overall winner - Jimi.
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That's hilarious. "Best Chord Voicings", "Best use of Capo", lol. What in the world do you say to something like that? :lol:

They also obviously forgot "Best use of Strings", "Best use of Guitar Cable" and "Best use of Amp". How disappointing.
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