Meshuggah - "obZen"

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Obzen is great :)

I spent a few weeks there transcribing some of the tracks - great fun ;)

I've been reading some of the posts here - why do some people insist on comparing Meshuggah to other bands in order to 'validate' how good they are? Why do we compare anything to anything else?! Is Vai good because he can play better than other people? Does that make the other people 'bad'? This is a super-philosophy, and if we all followed this mode of thought, there would only be one guitarist in the world. How dull!

To me, their music is great, irrespective of anything/everything else out there.

It satisfies the non-musician as much as the musician. And this certainly says a lot.

I think spanishphrygian has went a little mad in this thread... someone help the poor boy....
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obzen was my first experience with meshugah...

great metal album..LOVED IT!
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Anyone catch these guys on the obZen tour? I thought they were fantastic live - I often complain about poor sound quality at gigs (bass & drums overpowering everything else usually), but the show last night was near-perfect. They only played for about 1hr 20min though :( . I guess it was quality over quantity
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I saw them in Malmö. They only played liken an hour or so, but it felt like much more! What a concert! My girlfriend called it doomsday music, and with all the red and yellow light on stage, that was a rather fitting description. And man, I love Obzen! Album of the year without a doubt.
Mr. Supertron
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I bought Obzen yesterday. That album is intense. You definitely have to listen to it with the lyrics in front of you. Its so deep. I was really surpirsed. They are one band that definitely thinks about the music they write.

My next purchase will defintely be the Jonas Brothers. they are just as awesome. haha. How about lets not do that. Meshuggah has the album of the year in metal.
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