buckethead rereleases first demo album

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I got it!!!!!

I was put off for a long time in the past with buckethead's costume per se, but I was looking here and seeing you guys digging it, so I bit the bullet and watched 4 hrs of solos on youtube.... Hey I had a lot of time on my hands.

I then sampled every snippet of stuff on itunes.

This guy has got IT,,,,,,,,,, big time. I heard speed metal riffs, jazz stuff, frantic speed chicken picken....

So far I am most impressed with Soothsayer, and some of the stuff of electric tears.

I was blown away sorry I am only 10 years late.....
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then welcome aboard, bucketheadland has some bumpy rides.
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Buckethead rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's that!!

:P :) :wink:
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