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:shock: :shock: It was there last time i check but .... oh noes , i didn't did i . I think i did , :( , *bottom lip starts to quiver* :cry: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
This is what i was thinking as i opened my case of my newly purchased VAI DVD live from the Astoria .

You see my DVD had been playing up and refused to work , so i sent it back to the manufacture and they gave me a new one , it was under warranty and thus free of charge . Regardless to say i was overjoyed ....So a couple of days later im feeling in the mood for some live Vai , and the Astoria
dvd comes to mind , so i waltz over and pick it out , and open up the case , but low and behold , the disc 1 , the one with all the songs is nowhere to be seen . So i start getting panicky and sift through all the dvd's , but still no disc 1 , where could it be . Then a slight pain starts to form at the base of my neck as i slowly start remembering where its last location was .
Thats right , it was in ..... the broken DVD player that i sent back . So as the reality slowly starts to sink in that im not gonna see it again , and therefore , my thirst for some live VAI action , especially where him and billy sheehan are wearign those cool lights and laser things in the dark , and Steve's doing that cool circle jumping crazy dance with guitar in one hand like hes slaying wrong doers with an AXE (well i think its cool any way , hes like a crazed warrior ) . And that cool starting track , Shy boy , with billy singing , its all gone :cry: .

Im thinking im gonna have to turf out another $40 , cos i do really miss that DVD , its the best one of vai i have .

p.s.(i put this post in this section cos i recently bout that DVD .... oh , and i couldnt find anywhere else to post it )
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Foo Fighters - IN YOUR HONOR :headbang
Megadeth - The SYSTEM HAS FAILED :guitar

Both are really good albums btw!!
Martian Love
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Dream Theater-Octavarium
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In the past month i've bought
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil
Boston - Greatest Hits
AFI - Sing the Sorrow
Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy
The Mars Volta -de-loused in the comatorium and frances the mute
Mr. Big - Greatest Hits
Marty Friedman - Music for Speeding
NEal Schon - i on u
Steve Vai - Real Illusions: Reflections

The Eagles- farewell 1 tour
Al Di Meola- One of these Nights[/i]
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How's that Al Di Meola dvd? :?:
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It's amazing. I just recently got into Al; I’ve heard about him for a while but never actually heard any of his songs except "Mediterranean Sundance". So most of the songs on the DVD I'm not familiar with, but it is still astonishing to watch him play. His control over dynamics is just breath taking. The DVD is great quality; amazing sound, picture, everything.
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Thanx, I'll be looking for that. Al's great, love him. Seen the Flesh On Flesh Tour!!! :shock: :guitar I was able to meet Al after the show & he was very nice, signed everything for everyone that waited & he even hinted that a RTF reunion might happen!!! :shock: I didn't realize how short Al is until I met him, he's kind of a little guy. Would love to see him on G3!!! :shock: :guitar
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Hey you guys... Check Al out on Derek Sherinian's "Black Utopia" CD where he joins in with Yngwie and Zakk Wylde on a couple of awesome cuts!! Some serious shredding plus the other musicians are Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan, Simon Phillips, Tony Franklin and Jerry Goodman join in on the other cuts. It's really really good stuff!! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and haven't stop playing it.

I've also purchased the following this month..
Vinnie Moore: Odyssey, used 88' (a treasure)
Dave Weiner: Shove the Sun aside (Excellent)
Neal Schon: I on U (very good)
Dream Theater: Octavarium (I like it)
UFO: You are here (Excellent)
Steve Morse: Prime Cuts (good stuff)
Planet X: Universe (serious Fusion)

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Black Utopia is great, listen to it a lot too. Check out Derek's Mythology & Inertia, both awesome as well.

Picked these up yesterday, all of them excellent:

Derek Sherinian - Inertia

OSI - Office of Strategic Influence ( 2-cd Limited Edition)

Spock's Beard - V

Jazziz - December 1994 ( songs by various artists including Al Di Meola, Billy Cobham & Peter Erskine)
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For increase my small colection of 1200 CDs I bought in the last day of 2005, this CDs:

:arrow: Michael Harris - Ego Decimation Profile
:arrow: Richard Andersson's Space Odissey - The Astral Episode
:arrow: Stream of Passion - Embrace the Storm
:arrow: Ring of Fire - Lapse Of Reality (Mark Boals-TMac-Virgil Donati-Philip Bynoe-Steve Weingart)
:arrow: Xandria - India
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-DT's Octavarium
-DT's Six Degrees...
-DT's Falling Into Infinity (those 3 finished off my entire collection of every DT CD, bought those 6 degrees...and Falling into infinity last week, I bought Octavarium maybe a month back.)
-G3 in Tokyo -preordered it, it came the day it was released
-Pain of Salvation - One Hour By The Concrete Lake - I bought that yesterday. I've been wanting to buy stuff by PoS for a while, just kept forgetting when i went to the CD store! Finally got something by them, they are AMAZING! Going today to get whatever other CD's of theirs I can find! Hopefully I can also find their live DVD 'Be'. If you like prog. rock/metal, check Pain of Salvation out. They are amazing! Awesome band and the singer is really, really good. Check them out!
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ballerina wrote:Tyranny Of Souls by Bruce Dickinson
is that any good.. i've heard some okay stuff about it but im not sure ... :?
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Django Reinhardt - Django In Rome 1949/1950 4cd set
Thrice - Vheissu
Thrice - If We Could Only See Us Now
Final Fantasy VII - Piano Collection
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - OST
Joe Satriani - Is There Love In Space?
Joe Satriani - Time Machine
Garden State - OST
Bright Eyes - HOME
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, Its Morning
Bright Eyes - Digital Ash In A Digital Urn
Bright Eyes - Motion Sickness
Bright Eyes -Fevers and Mirrors
Bright Eyes - Oh Holy Fools
Bright Eyes - Lifted
Bright Eyes - Christmas Songs
Bright Eyes - Every Day and Every Night
Bright Eyes - Letting Off the Happiness
Queen - Greatest Hits
Bright Eyes - Lua
Elton John - Greatest Hits
Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection
Final Fantasy IX Piano Collection
The Confession - EP

i think thats it for cds

Dream Theater - Live At Budokan
Eric Johnson - Total Electric Guitar
G3 - Live In Tokyo
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In December i bought
  • Mr Bungle - Disco Volante (drives my gf mad!)
    Bob Carpenter - The Sun, The Moon and The Stars (Beautiful cd)
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome (fantastic sound)
    The Kinks - Its the Kinks (going cheap in sainsburys!)
    Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar (to add to the collection)
    Pink Floyd - Piper at the gates of dawn (thought I had them all. Do now!)
    Eric Sardinas - Treat me Right + Devils Train (say no more! This guy kicks ass!) :guitar
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hey what's the best dream theatre DVD to buy??? I really wanna get one... :peace
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