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my reliable music store had it since the 18th, I got it the 19th and already listened to it at least 10 times...
I'm hilarious since the day I had it, always laughing discovering a new sound, a new rhythm... A NEW RECORD :P

just some fresh ideas...
DYING FOR YOUR LOVE: I die everytime he says that word... LOOOOOVE... especially 0:44 (I believe his voice has improved a lot... again, SHIVER)
GLORIOUS: those "liquid" guitar sound in the theme is just... oh... I'm not able to find the exact word in English
FIREWALL: wind instruments' arrangement is perfect... the whole song has a groove that I'm jumping and dancing in my house everytime my stereo plays it
LOTUS FEET: the best thing has ever come out of my speakers

and I'm still burning my copy...

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The new album is great. It's amazing to see where Steve travels with his sound time after time. He just keeps growing as an artist. Thank you Steve for an album that will undoubtedly provide hours and hours of entertainment.
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I'm in love with this record. There are some fantastic, huge sounds on this. I'm off now to push the repeat button.

Thanks Steve.
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The ones with vocals I don't like. Favs include (so far) building the church, freak show, and lotus feet. The former seems a bit off to me though around 1:30, but builds up wonderfully into a deep emotional highness, and showcases turns I really love... trying to describe what I feel :)
Much of K'm-pee we have already heard (on the triple neck), and to me, it was better watching.
You know, 2 cents :)
keep on rockin'
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had the album since yesterday and it is brilliant.Me and a friend keep arguing about the intro to building a chruch. Is the intro a keyboard or is it steve tapping on the guitar.

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silky wrote:had the album since yesterday and it is brilliant.Me and a friend keep arguing about the intro to building a chruch. Is the intro a keyboard or is it steve tapping on the guitar.

I reckon its both...could be good to keep the fans guessing though ;)
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I think Lydian 7, that you're forgetting that this is merely the first part of a "concept trilogy". You're a fan so I'm sure you'll remember Mr. Vai stating that he thought it to be quite ridiculous and a little absurd to "BLOW YOUR WHOLE WAD AT ONCE", he said this a while back. That being said, I think RI is beautifully written, orchestrated extremely well, and shows signs of a tender (although a bit darker) more mature Vai, who's song writing ability has matched if not exceeded those which he no doubt aspires to, while at the same time not loosing sight of the maniacal tendencies that makes him the madman that he is and the musician that we love. I think the album is a fantastic way to start a trilogy, envoking thoughts of love, lust, dancing, fear, happiness, euphoria, and an overall state of bliss, yet with restraint. BRILLIANT... Steve, thank you for giving so much of yourself. We love you. See you in florida (Tampa with an evo pass, and Orlando)
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LOVE IT!!!! It looks like the track by track review has been done to death, but allow me to say that each track has something to say to me. Incidentaly I was cruising around and happen to check reviews on and the sample songs are actually that of Mystery Tracks Vol4 rather that RI. Thought that was kinda funny.
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well seeing as i live in britain ive already been listening to this album for a day..... :lol: (well... not technically true, ive been listening to my friends copy cause mine didnt arrive till today cause i live in a rural area with not the best post serveice, so it arrived

and its really very amazing. i love building the church and i love waht hes done with under it all. i cant wait for the other albums as the story is quite confusing but very intreging. well done vai, i hope all your albums in the future ar as good as this.
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Wow. I really enjoyed listening to that for the first time. As I listened I read the materials on the website about the recording of the songs (I also shopped for a 7VWH at Rich Harris' site).

The clips at were cool to hear, but I was worried that I had heard the whole album through them.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear in Steve's new music. I can't wait to see the Breed in two back to back show in New York City!

I will enjoy listening to this one....

"Under It All" just ended and I got a strange wave of chills through my head, neck and spine. Very cool.

Thank you Steve!
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I really like the new CD. I think it is excellent. The sound is
much better REAL Loud. The drums are a little back in the mix,
& he doesn't seem to be doing as much as the other great guys
before him (Bozzio, Mangini, Donati). I hope he's better live.
I really wish Virgil was still in the band. Billy S. might not be
doing complicated stuff, or maybe he is I really can't say but
the sound he's getting is amazing, I just love it. I also really
like the sound of the guitar. Overall I love the new CD.

Steve, How about putting out some of your music on SA-CD?
now that would be great!
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I got my copy on Saturday and have listened to it many times. I have yet to really turn the stereo up loud, but will when my kids are out of the house. ;-)

Overall, I think the CD is brilliant.

I hear the connection to post work, but feel that this CD is a bold departure at the same time. It's pretty adventurous and I think is a big step forward in Steve's work (obviously, I hold all of his work in high esteem).

The amount of artistic effort that is on this CD is just amazing and the results are gorgeous.

I'm really excited about the Milwaukee show.

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I've been listening to it more and more, much like the rest of you guys...and I am really digging it - definatley gets better the more you listen to it. Although it wasn't what I was expecting, that isn't necessarily a bad thing...Lotus Feet could be the best 7th song since FTLOG - though I'm not including Whispering a Prayer with that.
Jose Huevos
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Once again I am floored.
I am eagerly awaiting the NYC show from the 7th row.

All the best always…..
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As it has been a tradition for any Vai album that came out after Passion & Warfare, today I thought I was gonna be disappointed .... again.

Just as a short background let's say that my favorite vai albums are P&W,Eat'em and smile, skyscraper, slip of the tongue , in which I like every single note he plays. The other albums have some cool stuff, but not everything is cool.

First time I listened to P&W, I thought it sounded interesting but after each song it was like I couldn't remember what I just heard. Just a lot of notes, but with very nice chord progressions, leaving me with a good impression but the music just seemed beyond me. It eventually ended up being my favorite album of music up to this day.

After listening to Real Illusions for 3 times now, I have to admit that on some tracks it really reminds me of the way I felt with P&W(espec. tracks 9 & 11). Now I could be wrong but it has all the signs of a good album (I haven't thought that of any Vai album since 1991). I'll keep you posted because I need to listen to it more.
My fav tracks so far are 1,3,6,9,11.
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