Is that a " YES" i hear on FTLOG?

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ahh, thats cool - I thought I was going mad for a while!! P&W is full of strange oddities like that - it makes me want to listen to it now!
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Cool. I will have to have a closer listen to FTLOG. What about the intro to The audience is listening. When steve is being introduced by the teacher to the class. Listen carefully and you can hear (grown up) Steve actually talking to a group of kids. He says something like 'you guys wanna jam'
Anyone else hear it.?
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NatasataN wrote:Hehe, I noticed that a couple months ago, so I went listning to the backing track and it's on there too (easyer to hear). But like RAI said, I wouldent be surprised if it was meant to be there. Unless it was an error and that a microphone in the studio caught that "YES!!!" and Steve thought it was cool and kept it. But one thing is for sure, if we can hear it, thats because it was meant to be heard.

If you also listen at the end of the cutting heads solo, right after Eugene is done and before "Jack" starts to play, you can hear the croud mumbling... but put the volume real loud on that part.
It sounds more like a loop made from a weird noise thats speeding up and down giving the effect of hearing people mumbling.

It's always fun to figure out subtile stuff like that, specially when you've heard the song 10 million times already and tought you knew it from head to toe.
I know exactly the point your talking about I think it was just a trick to make things work out right and was just subtle enough to be kept.
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I guess I'll have to give it a listen! This sounds interesting. 8)
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I hear not a thing! Why can't I hear it?? I tried many times, with volume up really loud but nothing...!?!? Is it the 7th song version or P&W version?
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to me it sounds like he's saying "hey", is it just me? and thanks harmonicminore, i went and listened to the audience is listening and heard grown up steve say all kinds of things in the background.
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yeeehaa...i can hear it, i can hear it :D :D

it's, small vai secrets.
just another reason why he's the best...
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