For the love of god: Whispering

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big tom
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I'm kinda new here... Been reading posts all over the place for a while.
I've searched for this, but I've not been able to find anything (who knows... I might just not be looking properly :wink: )


Does anyone know what Steve mouths/whispers at the very beginning of the video for 'For the love of god'? :?

I've watched it a few times and thought of obvious things he might be saying, like "We may be humans, but we're still animals" or "for the love of god" but none of them seem to fit :roll:

Nice place you've all got here by the way :)
Albeit quite a lot busier than what I'm used to :wink:
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I tried to figure it out aswell, but had no luck, I don't think we're supposed to know what he's saying - its probably a prayer or something
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You mean in the video?
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Yup in the video, I've always wondered that too.
Jamie FT
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Where could I see the video? I've never actually seen a Vai video dispite being a fan and seeing him live, the shame :oops:
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