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Brent Mayer
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I know this is a little late, But Steve ,I bought your Legacy amp the first one back in 1999, I think its the one,s your still using now?
Its a dream come true, and I cant thank you with an email message for this master piece, Its the best sounding amp I
have ever played on and still is my go to amp. Thank you Steve for making this happen, I am so lucky I got mine when I did
back then. This amp has the best tone and sound ever at any setting. Are there other amps that sound good, sure, but
the Via Legacy was and still is a life long dream come true for me with its warm tone and sound. It makes a guitar sound like
it was ment to be. I have recorded with this amp and its amazing. All of my cabnets still have the greenback 25s like the org.

Steve, thank you again for what you did to help us out here in the world.
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