How did you discover Vai ??

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yeah i think ill put mu 2 cents here too... like you could stop me ;P
i first heard satch's dreaming #11 tape.. loved it... then the girl who lent me it invited me over for a romantic evening one fateful autumn... she popped in p@w and we made love all night to it... no word of a lie.. was the craziest night of my life.. i was hooked on vai ever since.. i still remember the girl. this all happened in 94.. i was 13 ;P
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Last year, I've bought Joe Satriani's Live in San Fransisco and, I loved this album (now too!!!), then I've bought G3 (Satriani-Johnson-Vai) and I was impressed by Vai!!! So I bought Passion & Warfare... And Now, he's my favourite guitar player with Patrick Rondat!!!
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i was a big joe satriani fan before i became i steve vai fan
i though to my self if joe is this good maybe steve is a awesome guitarist as well I
brought a steve vai cd passion and warfare and i fell in love with it and the rest they say is history


Tiffany(lil Stevie vai)
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I was a big Satch and Zappa fan, and Vai was associated with both, listened to his stuff, and now worship him as much as I do the other two.
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I saw Steve and Billy with DLR oct 10th 1985,I WAS FRIGGIN' HOOKED.
I've seen every vai and sheehan performance in ny/nj since.
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Well umm discovered him twice...1st i discovered him when i asked my friend who plays the guitar last year on the MSN. I said do u know who is steve vai? and he yeah that guys a magician of the guitar and he uses wizardnecks...that didn't really spark the interest until he sent me the song called Tender Surrender about 3 months back. I listened to it and was deeply in that time i didn't know what tapping was i thought that Steve was playing a single string really fast.So it all begin after listening to Tender Surrender! The man and his metaphysics...and because of him i finally learnt how to play the guitar. 8)
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Being relatively new to the guitar scene (I only started playing in 2001) I was looking on the Ibanez website for a guitar I might want.... I had heard from a friend that Ibanez made good rock guitars. Came across the sections for the JS models and read a bit about Satriani. Downloaded some of his stuff and liked it a lot, so then I thought "maybe the other guys are similar" and got some Steve Vai. Was hooked from then on.
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Liner notes to Satriani's "Surfing With the Alien" had the quote "...Steve Vai was pushing further into experimentation than the cloth-eared masses could follow..." Being heavy into King Crimson at the time, I thought, "Hey. Sounds interesting." So I bought Passion and Warfare. But it wasn't love at first sight... I thought "Erotic Nightmares" and "The Animal" were cool but the rest of the album seemed kind of a wash. Then I got "The Ultra Zone". Strike two. I didn't really like anything on that one. It kind of went like that for a while, me doggedly trying to hear, really hear this guy, and one day I bought "Fire Garden". BOOM. WHAM. ALAKAZAM. The heavens opened the second "The Crying Machine" came out of my speakers. I nearly ran out of my room shouting "Eureka!" So I slowly built up my understanding of Steve's music (which even to this day is not always "easy" to listen to) from that one song. I'm SOOOOOO glad I stuck with it, as I now realize that Steve is, quite simply, the best guitar player in the world. (Even if "Ultra Zone" is still my least favorite Vai CD... :wink: )
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I was fortunate enough to run into strange musicians that were into Vai, Zappa, etc. right around when Flexable first came out. I've been hooked on his style ever since. All things considered - Steve Rules!
Whoever wrote the 3 greatest guitarists were Eddie VH, Satch, then Vai must have just smoked something mind-altering. No disrespect to any of them, but if we're having a contest here, the former two don't even qualify. The latter... 'nuff said. Eddie served his purpose, and I'll admit I spent time to learn his licks and trick, but they don't work in the 21st century. Satch is OK, certainly much better than me, but not nearly as good as Vai. How about Holdsworth, DiMeola, Metheny? Maybe Steve Morse, and others that could play circles around all these "strictly from commercial" weirdos with their makeup and bar chords? There are really only a few others (still living) that REALLY have talent in the same league with Dr Vai.

I know I got off the subject, and I apologize, but let's get real in our assessments of talent, people!!!
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He seemed to be mentioned in every guitar magazine I read... 7 years or so ago when I started playing. I thought, what the hell, and bought the acclaimed 'Passion and Warfare', I wasn't dissapointed.
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I bought a RG 250 DX, took it to the music store where a buddy of mine was working, and he said it looked like a Steve Vai guitar. Steve Who?? went home got on the computer got some Steve stuff, and that was that. I got my guitar knowing what I wanted. 24 fret HSH floyd rose, conservative white color. I play at a church. EVO has other logical stuff too. The jack inset, very kewl. Told me how to keep the wammy springs quiet. BUT, I can't find a backstop ANYWHERE! Steve has them all. :) been to a G3 where he stole the show. I like Malmsteen, Satch is OK, Steve Vai is the best in his class.
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Hmmm... saw the Alcatrazz Video "God Bless Video" and there was this guitar guy playing like I'd never heard before ... Oh how cool!
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I was an ex of a guitarist, so when he breaked I began to listen a different kind of music (I was very hurted): Steve Vai and others...Then I bought a guitar...and Steve Vai is always my favourite. I remember the first night I listened his wonderful music...I was so hurted and so alone..
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I remember seeing interviews with Vai around the Whitesnake/P&W era. He seemed cocky to me.
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I was right into Queen and Pink Floyd at the time. One of my friends was a guitarist and introduced me to Joe Satriani - Joe Satriani and Steve Vai - Passion And Warfare at the same time. I was instantly blown away by Vai, not so much by Satch at the time, but as my musical knowledge has increased and my exposure to more muisc has grown too, I like both of them equally in different ways. Getting into their music has opened up more prog and shred.
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