How did you discover Vai ??

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I discovered Steve on the movie Crossroads. How about you ???
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I remember buying an issue of guitar world about 2 years ago,that had "the 100 greatest solos ever",and at I believe at 29.with For the love of God,was this cool looking guy with a guitar that looked like he puked on it,and it had an extra string.
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I just saw a pic of him about 4 years ago:
He was standing in front of a statue on which
Evo was hung.
Then I really understood that Jems were not
usual guitars. (and that Steve were not an usual
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I found the video for "Bad Horsie" on a music video trading site. I was instantly hooked.
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I was a big Satriani fan, and heard about a student of his Steve Vai, my dad said, "Oh Yeah, I have a old Cassette of his." It was Flex-Able and the rest is history.
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my dad put on passion and warfare in the car, but didn't do much to me the first time. until one boxing day where we bought the g3 concert dvd in hmv. i have never seen such an entertaining guitarist before. so i pick up the p&w and it just kept growing on me, and the next thing you know, i'm obsessed with vai and satch :mrgreen:
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My oldest brother would always listen to him, and have me listen to him (like for as long as I can remember). So I got to like him and all. :)
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I don't know but I'm 24, and I started to like Steve Vai's stuff a LOOOOOONG time ago.

i think...I could be wrong because I was only about 7 or 8 or so... that I saw him in Crossroads first which is where I realized this guy was off the chart, then with DLR. When he did Yankee Rose, he cemented himself as a guitar god, at least at my house. You just *knew* this guy could do anything. Steve was seriously something else, to all of us - me and my brothers that is :shock: Steve's music has been blasting at my house for about 17 or so years now.
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Wow Davester - you've been into him for a while!! :shock:

I'm about the same age (just about to turn 24) but my first taste of Vai, as far as i can remember was with Whitesnake - Slip of the Tongue... A friend of mine had it, and knowing that i was a guitarist, told me that i HAD to here this crazy solo in one of the songs - i'm pretty sure it was Wings of the Storm (where the Vai does the tapping at the end of the solo)......

Then i submerged myself in Vai...... :D
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I saw a video by Alcatrazz and Steve was just standing there, slumped over playing some overhand tech. Freacked me some. I had to find out more about him, so I went on a search and got Flex-Able. My mind hasn't been the same since!!!
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I am a big Whitesnake fan and one fine day in 1989 I walked into the music shop to get the brand new Whitesnake record (on tape, anybody remember those???) - Slip of The Tongue.
A year after that I bought the P&W tape and have been a fan on and off for about 15 years.

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I honestly cannot remember not having Vai's music in my life. A good friend of mine was way into Zappa and introduced me. I wasn't a huge fan of Franks music at the time but Steve floored me. I bought P&W the day it was released. It's been a sickness of mine ever since. He's made me laugh, he's made me cry, he's made me want to pick up my guitar and play (he's also made me want to sell everything and take up the kazoo!) An interesting side note, the day after SRV passed away I got a phone call from a friend of mine saying that Vai had died! Fortunately, he was wrong (he's a drummer you know) yet I still lost a hero that day.
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im a HUGE Satch fan ( learned playing guitar by listening to his stuff), and one day at work while i was downloading music from the internet, i came across one of his songs " salamanders in the sun" and instantly said " what the fuck is this crap!?" and didnt like it.
Later that day i came across 'the attitude song' and was hesitant to download it from listening to the horrible salamanders in the sun song( actually i didnt even finish downloading salamanders, i canceled the download after hearing the first opening lines of flutes) and i decided to give him another try with attitide song...............

hooked......fanatic....since that song. now i have all his albums And most of my satch TAB books are collecting dust cause I have all Vais tab books out handy in reach..........
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I first became aware of Steve's existence when I saw the first clip from the David Lee Roth band (Yankee Rose). A few years later, I was getting more into playing the guitar and listening to guitar music. I started buying guitar magazines and at that time, Steve was everywhere talking about his soon-to-be-released opus "Passion And Warfare". Just from reading the interviews, I knew it would be something truly special and to this day, I still think Passion And Warfare is the greatest instrumental rock album ever released!
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About 80-81 I saw Frank Zappa play down in Ft Lauderdale. I couldn't help but focus on this incredible guitar player he had with him, talented and cute too! I took note of his name, Steve Vai......later I heard his name associated with satriani and saw him playing with White Snake and DLR. But nothing has enamored me more then when he released Passion and Warfare. That is just an incredible CD and one of my all time favorites I never get tired of it! Steve's work has grown in such a elegant and beautiful way. I'm proud to be a fan!
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