Happy birthday Steve Vai

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I havint been on here in years now and im sure this is fairly old but happy birthday Steve your music means alot to many people so thank you very much.
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Happy 60th Birthday, Steve!
Thank you for being such a great inspiration for all of us.

7 Under It All sessions you did recently were fantastic. I’ve been reading and listening what you have talked at various interviews and resonated with your deep thoughts. They helped me a lot when I had challenges in my life. Your spiritual lessons are not easily accessible for other Japanese fans because of language barriers. So I started twitter @mainichiVAI a year ago to share your inspiring words which help us to live a happier life and stay positive. Sometimes I get very positive reactions from readers and sometimes witnessed your words actually reached and helped those who needed at their hard times. Thank you for teaching us those valuable lessons.
Now I’m translating Under It All sessions to Japanese. It’s a lot of work and takes time but I’m going to upload them and this time I’ll raise money to ask you a Cameo. so the money will go to Make a noise foundation.
Thank you again for your music and everything you’ve shared with us. Have a great day!
Jose Huevos
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Happy 60th. I actually spent my 60th with you and your Generation Axe brethren in Atlantic City.

Love & Bee Loved!

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Happy birthday Steve!!!!!,

Here’s my tribute!


Thank you for everything :guitar :guitar
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Happy birthday!

Can't remember, but I guess I have been a Vai-fan since around 1987, the David Lee Roth time.
That's 30+ years now.
Keep going strong, the world needs more Vai energy.

I wonder when we will see a Vai pure blues album, when you are 80? :)

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Happy birthday Steve!!!
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Still pumped you sent me a PM here 15 years ago, and loved meeting you in Montreal around the same time. Heavy times for me then, and your music helped me through them.

I wish you a *very* happy birthday in 2020. I'll always be listening to what you have to say, with your music and with the magic in your mind. Much love and positive thoughts going your way.

Enjoy your family and yet another milestone! -ginsu777
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