Passion and Warfare Multitrack Stems

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A few artists (Brian Setzer, for example, and most recently Carl Verheyen) have released multitrack stems that could be loaded into a DAW as part of their album packages. Too late for the P&W release but it would be great if, among other things, Steve made these available for purchase some time in the not too distant future. Not only would it be a great way to learn the guitar parts that might be difficult to pick up in the dense mix (Dave Weiner mentioned recently that Vai would send him his parts to play as an isolated stem) and that we could slow down independently of the mix but also serve as the ultimate backing tracks beyond the naked tracks. Reason being that we would learn about sound, be able to tone match, learn what each other instrument is doing, arrangement, mixing, etc. The gift that keeps on giving! Perhaps we can petition for this. Not only P&W but definitely. So far Jammit and the naked tracks have been the closest things.
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That has been my fantasy for quite some time, and is the next step after the minus ones ("Naked tracks"), for which there is a niche market (just check the jamtrackcentral backings section).

If there was some standard session format you could even have regions pre-defined, but that's erotic nightmare material. I think the current generation of beginning guitar players are spoiled with great learning material, but that may be nothing compared to what future beginners might get (hopefully).
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