How did the records get their names?

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Just curious about how some of Steve's records got titled.. Does anyone know any stories about how it happens?
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I think its depends on music...some time on lyrics of one of the song...
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I might be wrong but I seem to remember that "Fire Garden" was going to be called "Fire Coma". I suppose Steve changed his mind during the making of the record.
There was also one time a hint that the follow-up to "P&W" would be called "Light Without Heat". (or was that going to be the name of the band that eventually became "VAI" ?) There was even a full color ad in Guitar Player or Guitar World, if I remember correctly.

I might be wrong about all that, I don't have my magazines from the 90s at hand ;)
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Zongadude : you are indeed correct. Steve has a history of making announcements that he doesn't follow through (or takes the long way home, see Modern Primitive !), not that he's idle by any means. But : P & W book, Fire Garden book, Light Without Heat, interactive guitar lessons, stripped down album (ALS like) just after the Story of Light, the Secret Jewel Box. I'm probably missing a few.
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