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Re: Stillness in Motion - Vai Live in L.A

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:41 am
by Samuele
I forgot to say that the bass drum head that Steve decorated for Jeremy looks absolutely amazing.

Re: Stillness in Motion - Vai Live in L.A

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:29 am
by Prezidentman
Really cool review, Sam!

Re: Stillness in Motion - Vai Live in L.A

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:25 am
by Bryceybhoy
Not a huge fan of the setlist....there's just so many songs I'll never bother to watch. Wish he'd shake it up a bit, but that's just me.

Biggest plus point is the sound. It sounds amazing. Really clear and tight.

Haven't watched the 3-hour feature yet.....don't have time!

Re: Stillness in Motion - Vai Live in L.A

Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 1:32 am
by b2
Just seen the complete dvd so a short review comes now.
I been a Vai fan since the late 80's, the David Lee Roth years.
So I guess I have seen most of Steve's official solo artist videos.
Also seen Mr. Vai a few times live here in Norway, in Oslo. But not this tour.

The live show setlist was good, I found the new songs most interesting.
The band performance was (of course) excellent.
The songs I liked most:
"Velorum", "Weeping China Doll" and "Frank".
"Frank" has never been one of my favourite Vai songs, but seeing it live and
hearing it again now I realised that it is really a sweet little "feel good" song.
I also liked the live performance of "John the Revelator", much energy and nice
with a vocal song in the setlist.
Dave Weiner's acoustic solo part was also interesting and nice.

The bonus part "The Space Between the Notes" was very interesting.
Some nice moments, and some funny parts.
Interesting to see some of the "life on the road".
Lot of friendship, travelling, naked statues, coffee and bike cycling.
One thing I stated to think about was, -how many plectrums does Steve bring with
him on a tour? And are they all kept in a big bucket? Maybe you can show us the "plectrum bucket"
in a later video. I guess that must be some very special bucket, with led lights, that Thomas Nordegg
look after.

I know Mr. Vai also like to hear from us about things that could be better.
Of course this is my personal view. All people think different.
1. The acoustic part of the show is maybe a bit too fragmented. I mean, I would love to
hear some longer acoustic songs with maybe more Steve Vai on vocals. Or maybe you
could use a guest vocalist more, also for some other more "heavy" songs.
2. Maybe include a few more vocal songs. I thing Steve has a lovely voice, and for a dvd
you could maybe also invite one or more guest vocalist for some songs. This to
get some more variation in the show.
3. For the setlist/songs I would love some more "simple" songs with only Steve on guitar pluss
bass and drums. Some more songs in the style of "K'm-Pee-Du-Wee", "Blue Powder",
"Call It Sleep" maybe. I love the "raw" sounds of the guitar when you almost can hear the
tremolo springs vibrate.
Also some songs from "Alive In An Ultra World" would be very welcome.
Also I am missing the songs "Windows to the Soul" and "The Riddle". They are maybe a bit
hard/complex to get good live?
4. Would love to see how you work in the studio. This is maybe something more for a video
documentation when you in the future release a new studio album. How do you record
and build the parts of songs? The mixing and alot more about such stuff. Well, this is maybe
more interesting for musicans. So maybe just some videos if you think the
commercial market for such video material is to small.
Ok, enough personal wish talk here.

I forgot one thing!
The tour map with all locations and dates was very nice!

Thanks again for the music Steve, and love to hear new music from you in the future years.
So, there you have it!

Re: Stillness in Motion - Vai Live in L.A

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:15 am
by Jenn Pix
Still got these disks in rather heavy rotation, still loving both. Particularly fun to watch the "Space Between the Notes", coz I'm still catching little moments that I've missed before. (some of it goes by so quick!)

I think my favourite moments are Steve and Fire. Fire is fun to watch! Kinda' sweet, and kinda' goofy (in all the best ways) and all-around, just a cool guy. So sweet to see Pia, very cool to see Julian, too. Family moments are just lovely to me.
Also loved "The Amazing Saxon" That kid was epic!
Jeremy and his bunny (cute lil' bunny...)
Pics from the Eckhart Tolle Retreat
And the general silliness of travel, lots of silliness :lol:

I could go on and one, coz I honestly love it all, but those are a few of my favourite bits.

Other than that, just ... seriously looking forward to the Passion & Warfare Tour! :headbang