Secret Jewel Box Prices

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Hey everyone, I was wondering how much the original Secret Jewel Box cost and what your opinion on the price should be now for a collector of Vai memorabillia. I know it was limited to 10,000... I think. But I was trying to find one, ebay seems to think they are worth hundreds of dollars with none of the CDs purchased yet. Was just wondering what you think they might be worth. Quite frankly, it seems they are worth whatever someone will give for one. I for one would like to try and pick one up. Thanks for any info!
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I'm interested in and collect- lots of stupid things.

In my opinion- in general not about the set...

when things are made to be collected/collectable- they're not worth what people think they're worth and don't have the future value they think they have.

10,000 in the span of 'collectibles' and limited editions- is a HUGE number

Baseball cards are worth something today because kids abused them- put them in bike tires and traded them aimlessly- they're valuable because they're tough to find- and were all destroyed so ones in good condition are sought after- and carry a premium.

things run in 30 year spans too...

Back to the future is 'hot' now because people 5-15 when it came out- now have money and can go buy deloreans and stuff.

so anyway be weary of anything limited edition and sold as collectors items- because most of the time they're mass produced crap.

realistically it's worth $50-100 i'd say
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I got one when they first come out, where it had a couple of cd's and picks as well as the secret cd included. I can't even remember the price, I am sure if you look back on posts here you will see what they were sold for.

They are something I never see for sale myself, maybe what you should do is post on here that if someone wants to part with one you will buy it.
The cd's themselves are great.....the first cd with all the crossroads and soundtrack music is great. Hope you get one! :)
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I sold mine for about 20 Euros; it's a cardboard box with some velvet, three picks and a few second hand CDs.
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Not long ago they were going for hundreds, IF you could find one! Now people figure they're worth less because it's incomplete, and frankly looks like it'll never be finished. I won't sell mine, but I'm super pissed that it's been a decade and is still unfinished.
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