Steve said "Eugene's Trick Bag: too difficult to play live"?

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Did Steve ever say: he "doesn't play Eugene's Trick Bag live because it's too difficult to get right every time."?

According to OneManAndTheCat, on YouTube,
this came from "an interview in Guitar Player back in the late 80s"
And Steve also said "he played the whole arpeggio section using alternate picking" in the same interview.

Also: ScoutSniper1990 on YouTube says:
"Vai said himself, in an interview with Premier Guitar,he doesn't he play it live cos it's too difficult."

Has Anyone Else seen a Magazine Article like this?
I checked all the Guitar Player issues from 1986 thru 1989 [inclu Oct '86] & there is no such article!
I also checked all the Premier Guitar from Feb 2013 back to 2007 [when it began] & didn't find it.

And,other than in Seoul, Korea & Japan in 1997 [Fire garden Tour.]
Has Steve ever played Eugene's Trick Bag Live?---

especially the Opening Arpeggios Live? which were omitted from the Korea & Japan shows.


Maybe someone knows the approximate date of the magazine?,

or what was on the cover? Was it a British or American?

I have made a list of all the likely Vai Magazine articles for all issues from 1986 thru 1989, but haven't looked at them yet.

I would really appreciate your input in my quest!
These are the magazines I'm considering:

Guitar School
Guitar [For The Practicing Musician]
Guitar World
Guitarist [British]

Guitar Player: I checked all these from 1986-1989 already
Premier Guitar: I checked all these from Feb 2013 back to 2007 when it began
Total Guitar [British] began in 1994: so I'm ignoring it for now
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umm but he played it?" onclick=";return false;
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He skipped the arpeggios in that video.

I seem to recall hearing the same thing on playing it live, but couldn't confirm where.
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