About life and self realization - Power of Personal Choice.

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I haven't been in this place for a couple of years and I just watched something that made me want to come back and ask a question:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation ... 3RzZSML8gc" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

This is really important to me.

Is there anything someone wants to share about their experiences with this stream of consciousness.
I'm really struggling with it, but I know is real and I also agree with all his comments on the experience of dealing with learning to change your perspective.
Been looking for truth since I was a kid.
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Kamenrider Ryuuki
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there are people within our reality that are perceptive of the way they see things, they see it differently than most "normal" human beings do.

these people were called - the prophets / the messengers...they were always branded as "crazy", "mentally disturbed" "bipolar mood disorder", bla bla bla bla...

they perceive things rather differently than what we see.

Steve Vai is one of them.

what you need to do in order to understands him is to open yourself to the truth that he is conveying.

yeah...this is Morpheus speaking to you! ha ha!

ps: I really understood the way he feels when he went into those dark periods of his life, only a few chooses not to commit suicide and these people have come to the realization that life is not what you wanted other people to see what you are on the outside, but rather see yourself as who you really are...a god of your own choice and making. You are the god of yourself, you have the realization that no one can influence how you feel but yourself. I think I get it when he plays his music. thanks steve!
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