Did Vai ever record a studio version of "Whispering A..."

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Did Vai ever record a studio version of "Whispering A Prayer"? I would think the studio recorded versions of his music would always be superior in terms of the quality of the sound. Live versions of his songs are cool too. Variety is the spice of life. But I guess I do prefer the studio recordings over the live versions. Just my preference if I were forced to make a choice.
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hes never released a studio version of it , but cant say for sure if he
has actually recorded it or not .. knowing Steve for his recording of
all sorts when he picks up a guitar he probably does somewhere in his
archives lol
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I think the closest you're going to get to a studio version is the naked track, otherwise I believe it was written on tour and recorded live... but as Paul said, Probably archived just not public :)
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realistically i would call the 'alive in an ultra world' version the "studio version"

a lot of stuff was added in post and overdubbed (on all the tracks)

so I'd say that version is the closest thing
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