Somebody's got a birthday coming up...

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Jenn Pix
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Image Very Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope you had a Beautiful day. 8)
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Happy Happy birthday,Steve!!

I have been your fanatic about 30years.
I wish your happiness,great guiter sound,
As soon as Japan tour.

With a lot of love!
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Happy birthday! Just picked my way through Eugene's Trick Bag albeit transposed a bit lower at the end for my standard strat. I continue to derive inspiration from your music and incredible performances though it'll always be a weekend warrior thing for me:). Will never forget the G3 concert I saw when I was 17 at Clear Lake. All the best!

John B
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:headbang :headbang :headbang :headbang :headbang :headbang
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Happy Birthday Steve! :D Greetings from Bangladesh :) Your music is an inspiration for me and many others! Thank you for sharing your music with us! :)
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he is really a great man and a man having the magic in his hand....he just do the magic in the crowd
sukhbir singh badal
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Hi there,

Do we continue to use this thread for that somebody who's got a birthday coming up ... ?

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I am just going to bed and did check the time on my computer and there I
saw 00:05 6 june... After a few seconds a "pling" in my head told me
AHHH 6 june, it is Mr. Vai birthday!

So happy birthday Steve and thank's for the music again!
Have a nice day and eat some cake, or ice cream, or both.
Nice to see "The Riddle" played live this years tour.

Now I have to get some sleep, hmm... if Mr Vai is in England or Europe he is
maybe also going to bed now. The clock is just past midnight here in Norway.
Well goodnight and have a happy birtday tomorrow... (or later this day... really).

Good energy to everyone! :mrgreen: and :guitar
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Happy birthday Steve! Hope you have a great day and may your future be blessed with more joy and love from family and friends! You're my greatest inspiration (Second after my dad lol) and great philosopher!!
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Happy birthday Steve!! Have a great day with Pia and the whole band/crew!! See you soon.
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Happy birthday Mr Vai great meeting you in Newcastle after the show
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Happy birthday to a wonderful talented man with an incredible passion for life, music and art.
You are a big inspiration to me and you'll always be my favourite artist ever.
Hugs and kisses!
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Happy Birthday from the UK!

Have a great day in sunny Brighton where the Mods and Rockers used to go back in the 60s. Almost a real-life Westside Story!

I still have your Newsletter #1 in immaculate condition on my shelf. My kids aren't remotely interested. :lol:

Thanks for being you.

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Happy Birthday Steve!, it's was great meeting you at the EVO Experience at the London Palladium last Thursday! :guitar
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Happy Birthday, Mr. Vai! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great show tonight. It will be lovely if you take a video of the audience singing Happy Birthday to you tonight and share on

Congratulations on the success of the PAW 25th anniversary tour and upcoming release of the anniversary album. As you said you would come to Japan next year to give the PAW show, I'm patiently waiting here in my country. good luck with the tour!

Recently I saw you at Monsters of Rock cruise East this February. When I saw you played Yankee Rose on the pool stage with Sebastian Bach, l was about Going Crazy with a pleasant surprise. That was the moment of the cruise. I hope to see Eat 'Em And Smile reunion concert in the near future as it was failed in the first attempt. It's on my bucket list!

Thank you for your music. they are powerful, beautiful, uplifting, essential to my life. please take care and enjoy the current tour. see you next year in Japan. attached picture was taken at EVO experience in Osaka 2014.

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