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kyle am I
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Hey everyone on th forums. I think it's time we all post how we found out about steve. Wether you were a fan scince the Zappa days or have only known about him for year I think we should all post like we've never posted before. Let's show steve how loyal his fans are!!! anyone with me, post away!!! :headbang
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kyle am I
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Yes I see now how flos neck was sanded down. I looked on google yesterday and noticed something odd about it. Thanks. It's kinda funny how I found out about steve. I used to be obsessed with a band called the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I liked it because it was metal rock and had epic sounds to it, like the middle of lotus feet. That kinda spine tingling shivering feeling, with lots of guitar. So I never listened to anybody else, and my new teacher kept telling me to expand my horizons. He said to look up Steve Vai, Satch, Yngwi, etc. At first, I thought the name vai was kinda... How do I put this in a nice way. Akward? And I saw pictures of him only at his passion and warfare stage. And like any eleven year old, I thought the 80s and 90s garb was rediculous. Therefore, any wierdo with those clothes has got to be a creep. So another month or two went by until my teacher told me to LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC. I was very reluctant at first, I'm stubborn like that. But I finally one night searched him up. I got the video of steve in his incredible performance on YouTube of him playing get the he'll outta here. And as soon as I saw the tapping, I felt a musical relationship. At first it was only because he was what I thought shredding at the time. But then, when I bought For The Love Of God I realized he was a virtuoso. He had a uniqueness I had never experienced before. It was amazing, like a weight off my shoulders that I had stoppped being so naive about music. I never listened to anything but he TSO, which helped shape my musical passion and got me into the guitar. But steve enhanced the experience for me and I felt that if I ever became a virtuoso, I would be just like steve. Well not exactly, I would be unique, but I would have the same attitude in my work and my. Playing. Everything steve has said in an interview about him being a child is exactly how I feel. Steve is the first guitar virtuoso I had ever had a connection with, and the first for me sticks. Now after seeing Joe and Yngwie, I still enjoy them and can learn from them. But steve has always been the most talented musician and always th one who's music is exactly what I want in songs, no more no less. So I don't exactly just know about steve, I have a connection that will never falter. This personal connection is not just music, and this connection has allowed me to listen to his music nonstop 24/7. I had once listened to Fpr the Love of God for 12 hours straight on my way to California, and I was almost having a heart attack when I learned that I would not be going to a California held concert. That's basically my "relationship" with the artist. I have never met him, never seen him live, and have always tried. It's almost like somebody who falls in love with a pen pal without ever even meeting them. In my case it's not love, it's musical relationship. And how I keep myself happy without ever meeting steve is by, as wierd as it sounds, finding out everything about him. As in, all about his guitars and his music and his personality and notations and everything. I take his personality and tie it in with his music and then it becomes more than music. Only then does his music sound fantastic, when you develop a passion for it. That's how I can listen to one song for hours, and almost stalk him . His interviews are funny(look at the gear interview where he talks about his fan "oh I wish I had my fan on right now") and creative. Steve, I am forever in your debt for teaching me the true meaning of music and creativity. But my favorite thing about steve... The whammy bar. Oh my god don't get me started on that. I break like a string a day by fluttering like he did in ftlog in where the wild thongs are, and holding my guitar by my trem, and karate chopping my whammy bar down like the end of building the church and doing the circle thing. No not my favorite thing but definatley one of my favorites. I know, kinda deep for my age, but for a kid who plays his guitar ten hours a day and dosent miss anything else I think I can say that I enjoy steves music. It's a borderline obsession, and steve has become a joke in my house. My little brother and sister make fun of him because I like him, they mimic him, they pretend like they break evo when they smashed the rock band guitar. Ha, they even drew a fake sustainer in the neck pickup position because that's all I want for Christmas, besides a v3 or legacy which will never happen. I'm stuck with a 30 watt vypyr that I thing I broke because I play it all day long. I really wish I could get a tube amp. Even if it's a v3 or legacy combo not even half stack. Carvin is the only company that sells high quality amplification for a price under 4000$$$. Sorry off track. I think I'll post annew topic asking everyone how they first heard about god... Er I mean steve. Thanks steve for a great musical experience.)
Jenn Pix
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Great thread idea! 8)
I was in high school when I first heard the name Steve Vai. I'm sure I'd heard his work before, with DLR and/or with Whitesnake, but that wasn't really on my musical menu, then.
But in high school, my best friend's boy-friend had this tape...
Well one night, a few of us were hanging out, and he wants to play the tape. This was, apparently, not the first time he'd played it, as there were some protests
"Aww c'mon... again? really?"
"No man, something else!"

But I was curious, coz when he said "Steve Vai", I'd not heard the name before.

Sooo... another time, when he gave me a ride after school (I had gotten stranded a few times before, so he said to call if I needed a lift... he was an awesome guy!) I asked if he had that "Steve tape"...

"In the player right now. Wanna hear it?"


So he wound it to the beginning and pressed 'play'


I was spell-bound from the opening of "Liberty" right on through to the last of "Love Secrets" We sat in the driveway as it played through a second time.
I wrote down the name and raced to the nearest music store that weekend to get a copy of "Passion & Warfare" for myself.

In the car, I wasn't able to really get into the music... but with my own copy in my own room... I could really play. :D
I turned it up, and just let it all take me away... A Musical Meditation turned Musical Journey as I let my Self follow where the Music led...
Absolutely amazing.
I'd heard so many pieces that could paint a picture, stir up emotion...
But never had anything ever done what that album had! Into the cells, I felt that music! Wound through and melted into me like a part of me...
And the Journey (who needs acid?, when there's Vai to lead you on the Musical Astral Trip! LOL)

Of course, I was hooked 8)

I started listening for his guitar in other bands, and tried to collect new stuff when I could (but there's a whole 'nother story we needn't get into...), missed out on some bits, slowly filling in the gaps now...
Still finding new places...
With the Music, and on my own after the Music inspires...
(Yes. I know. I'm weird. Normal's boring. Shut up. LOL! :wink: )

And can't wait to hear and see and feel what comes next!
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kyle am I
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Comeon all you vai fans who looked at this and aren't wiriting do u guys really have something better to do than compliment steve??? Lol come on
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Can't remember for sure, but I was listening alot to Van Halen in the old days.
So when David Lee Roth left Van Halen and released his first solo album with Steve Vai on guitar
I believe that was maybe the first time I heard Steve and noticed his excellent playing.

Also back then, a friend told me there was "albums with guitar solos all the time!".
Or instrumental rock as we could call it.
So he first gave me a cassett with a copy of a Tony MacAlpine album, and I liked it.
Later he gave me his Steve Vai Flexable LP, because as he said "this is just to weird/strange stuff for me!.
I liked some of the songs on "Flexable", but I had to agree on a few of them :)

And of course later (late 80's and early 90's) Satriani and Steve Vai ruled the Instrumental Rock genre.

Wow, the first Van Halen album is from 1978 I just looked up.
The short solo "Eruption" must have been a shock for many that time :)
And the guitar sound is just amazing on early Van Halen albums.

And now, we are all waiting for the new Steve Vai album! :mrgreen:
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I had (still have) a copy of Guitar Player magazine, July 1984:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/mando_gal/ ... 0169592638" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

In it is a transcription by Steve of Van Halen's "Eruption." A few months later (Oct. 1984) I got the flexi-disc of "The Attitude Song" in another GP issue. That's probably the first I consciously heard his playing. (Zappa's "Valley Girl" single I had certainly heard, but don't remember thinking about the "impossible guitar parts" at the time; the bassline though was what made an impression.) I remember sometime later a transcription by Steve of Cream's "Crossroads" in a GP special Eric Clapton edition too (1985 or so) but at that time I was into other music. Then sometime in 1986 I heard "Yankee Rose" for the first time on the radio and the deejay said Steve's name. That song just jumped out of the speakers. I think I bought "Flex-Able" on cassette tape within weeks, before I even got a copy of "Eat 'Em and Smile." "Call It Sleep" is the song that blew me away and I was hooked.
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I first saw Steve on Mtv around 1990, he was already huge at that point, I was still a little kid and I remember things like "God Blessed video", "Yankee Rose" and some of the Whitesnake stuff....my father then bought a copy of P&W and that was it....I played that album all the time and kept up with his work ever since....
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Steve blew my mind in 2004, I've been a huge fan since.
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String T Tour 2007 . . . Anaheim at the Grove theater . . . Hooked ever since :guitar
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Big Bad Bill
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Like b2 I was listening to Van Halen's back catalogue around 1988 when I first picked up the guitar and then checked out what DLR was doing with the 'Skyscraper' album and dug back to 'Eat 'em and Smile' both of which featured Steve on guitar. Steve was in the guitar press quite a bit back then together with various shredders and I enjoyed his style. But it was 'Passion and Warfare' that really cemented Steve's guitar music as my favourite.
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Kamenrider Ryuuki
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listens to steve vai while i was in middle school, Erotic Nightmare was the song...started to go crazy about him after i listened to Blood and Tears...

funny how time flies!
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When I was five or six years old, my dad called me over to his computer to watch a video with him, a video he was pretty much making everyone watch because he was so damn impressed by it. He said "It's called Tender Surrender", and played the video for me. Being so young, all I really saw was a weirdo doing some funny faces with a guitar. The music sounded weird, I remember that, too. BUT I always remembered that video for some reason.
Then I was 11 I got my first mp3 player, and because I had no music of my own I went snooping on dad's computer to find some stuff. I opened random folders and played random files, absolutely having the time of my life, and then I opened a folder called "Real Illusions: Reflections", and played the first file, "Building the Church". Holy shit. My brain was pretty much blown out my ears. I probably sat there with my mouth hanging open. It was the most vicious thing I had ever heard (at the time :lol: ), and I completely loved it. That was the kind of harmony I loved to hear, the kind of skill I had never heard on the radio. I listened to it about 5 times before trying the rest of the album, but at the time I didn't like it.
So I went Youtubing and fell in love with "Lotus Feet". Opening a video named "Tender Surrender", I immediately recognised it, and proceeded to fall in love with THAT as well.
And so, it began.
Nate from San Diego
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I was broken up when David Lee Roth left Van Halen. How could he leave at the height of something so amazing?! One day I was sulking by the radio, and this guitar starts "speaking"...

Guitar:"Where are you going?"
Dave:"Well, let me roll up here and take a look...whoa!"
Dave:"She's Beautiful!"
Guitar:(Cat calls)
Dave:"I'm talking about a Yankee Rose."
Dave:"And she looks wild!"

I was floored...

"That sounded killer!!! How does he do that?!"

I had to find out more about this new guitarist that Dave was playing with, because I was hooked on that sound.
I later saw Steve playing the Devil's Advocate in a movie called "Crossroads", so I decided to watch. Shortly after that, I sold my soul to the Devil because I wanted to play like that guy!!

(The Devil decided to play a joke and give ME all thumbs and uncoordinated sausages to play (pronounced Hack) the guitar with...Thanks alot!) :roll:

What really cemented it for me was when I bought the "Passion and Warfare" album. There were so many songs on that album that were just...cool!!! Leading off with the guitar anthem "Liberty". During my High School days, this song in particular was an inspirational motivator that I would listen to before a track meet as I would warm up before my event.
"For the Love of God" is a beautiful guitar piece, and I've been intrigued by Steve's work ever since. "Building the Church" has to be the baddest song I've ever heard, and it's amazing how much expression is in "K'm Pee Du-We".

I dig it, Bro.
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this was the first time i saw steve
then this album
then this
then this
i was in high school during the 80's,wonder why i wanted to buy a guitar.
all i can say is thanks to steve for all that and more.i read the post about someone's guitar teacher saying steve show's off or something,show being the word to focus on there.in my mind thats what this type of stuff is for,it's entertainment and its great to watch,it's a rock SHOW,better than watching 4 or 5 people just stand there and strum,hit or whatever.
I've got my G3 tickets ready to go and i cant wait.
Rock on people. :guitar
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wow. i loved that david lee time too. was so collerful. sometimes i miss it much that steve don´t make musik like that. let me dance. :)
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