Top five steve vai songs?

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Peto of lux lucis
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Im Your Secrets
Alive in An ultra World
All About Eve
Under It All
Tender Surrender

But then again how can you narrow the mans music down to only 5 pieces, it's greatly composed.

[ Opps O.o] I didnt notice i already posted before, i guess i shouldnt have smoked tonight after all. haha
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besides FTLOG

Freak Show Excess
Whispering A Prayer
Under It All
Rescue Me Or Bury Me

my SIX favorites vai songs (but all the vai catalogue its amazing... the best mussician ever)
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In my Dreams With You

The Blood and Tears

Touching Tongues

All About Eve

Die to Live
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Die To Live
Bad Horsie
The Animal
Tender Surrender
I Would Love To
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Shredded Heat
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Boston Rain Melody
Bangkok/Fire Garden Suite (and the offshoots: Devil's Food, Angel Food etc. - they all count as 1 composition for me)
Touching Tongues
For The Love of God
The Attitude Song

Ask me the same question tomorrow and my answer will probably be different
Jenn Pix
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See, the list tends to change.. so just 5 is a near impossible question! LOL...

In My Dreams With You... Ooooh, the whole thing is just gorgeous. But I am particularly taken with the part... (the bridge? I think.?. Music terminology is not my strong point! LOL...)
"Baby don't wake me
Let me take you on an endless journey
We touch
And the softest kiss explodes with lust
It's real...
You can't deny the heat you feel
And if I die before I wake baby that's all right"

D@mn! That just destroys me every time! Melts me down and floats at the same time. How can you not love that combination.?. :wink: :mrgreen:

Asian Sky... Powerful! An energy that gets me moving when I hear it. And I don't just hear it, I feel it, too. Good stuff, there. Really good stuff. 8)

Love Secrets... Same reasons I stated before. ...Patterns in the Chaos, Cosmic Beauty, a multi-layered piece of awesome that I just Love!

Gentle Ways... Oh, sooooo lovely. Inspires the poet in me when I listen.

Down Deep Into The Pain... An odd choice.?. Perhaps. But for me, it was very helpful. And it still is, from time to time. So it always has a special place in my life.

And the ones I already posted... :wink: And everything else! :mrgreen:
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* Frank --- The Outro is just one of the best example of how creative vai's right hand is..

* Sisters --- volume control at its best ????

* Fire Garden Suite --- A whole session of orgasm for me !! LOL..

* K'm-Pee-Du-Wee --- Beauty...just a Beauty...

And of course,my all time fav vai tunes :

* The Riddle <--- the craziest vai tunes..i heard he blew up so many amps recording this song..and the reverse guitar part..INSANE !!
I could listen to The Riddle 20 times and it would sound different everytime...

I need to submit this,before i write a book about other vai tunes..
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