FSK-401 Vai wiring anyone?

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Hey everybody I hoping to get some help on this.
I'm planning on getting a Fernandes FSK-401 sustainer pickup but what I was wondering is,
Does anybody know how Vai's FSK-401 sustainer pickup is wired up?
I've noticed that the FSK-401 package comes with a humbucker and a single coil pickup, but Vai has it wired so that the single coil is part of the humbucker..... Does anybody know how to wire it up like that or am I just retarded?
Thank you!
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he has it wired exactly as it should be normally wired
the neck driver has a dummy attached to look like a normal humbucker

the bridge pickup is an EVO2

when the sustainer is on the bridge pickup is automatically always on.

i'd suggest the fsk 101 overall

also if you have an ibanez rg or something like that its going to be quite a task to install and needs to have some routing
have it professionally done its worth it 100%

oops...let me clarify- the humbucker the fs401 comes is a normal humbucker- so if you wanted to have yours like vai you'd need to toss the humbucker it comes with and get an evo2, all you'd need is the single coil driver--- i'd strongly suggest the fsk 101, for several reasons 1- its a waste of the $ to get one with a humbucker you wont use thats not as good as a dimarzio, and the extra knob is useless, (i cant find one example of Steve or anyone else making use of it, i've asked in this forum before) and its more to install and generally more money for nothing

the fsk 101 is a great choice and save the extra cash to buy a good evo or evo2 pickup or something...

make sure you have a good guitar your putting this into too...
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