Steve Acoustic Album..what ya think?

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rub_800 wrote:
I rather prefer more progresive, complex, and weird stuff for the new album... really liked the first tracks of the DVD (Now we run, Ooo, Building the Church) It was so powerfull, weird and unique.. so Vai :)
I agree, the first 3 of the dvd are just totally intense, melodic, exotic music like no other....exactly what made a Vai fan in the first place. I hope there's more where that came from :)
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Prezidentman wrote:I think what I would like in Steve's case would be a "mostly" acoustic album with electric guitar passages, sounds or
solos..because it just wouldn't be a Vai album without some Evo sounds :)
Exactly right!! I see Steve doing a combination of acoustic and electric within the same album, and even within the same song. :guitar :guitar :peace Whatever Steve decides to do, I'm sure it will be MAGNIFICENT!!!! :guitar :headbang :D
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