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Steve Vai and Joe Satriani -- same guy, different hair. They've made their careers out of copping Jeff Beck.

enough said :headbang
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orlandopunk wrote:Steve Vai and Joe Satriani -- same guy, different hair. They've made their careers out of copping Jeff Beck.

enough said :headbang
Ha ha, that's really funny! By the way, I can give you the number of an excellent otolaryngologist and ophthalmic surgeon.
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Here we go back ON topic,....

I think
Jim Hendrix was RAW..... that's why he was so well known,..not just for his tallent,..but at the time,..there were no guitar players who played like him, he kind of invented his own groovy blues style. The later version of Jimmy's
playing embodied throughout the systemic evolveing of the past 30 years,..would be Dimebag Darrell Abbott from Pantera. not just metal, Wicked heavy blues. (Darrell was also spawned by Randy's playing said Darrell, as well as Michael Angelo Batio, and Zack Wylde, and Me)

Steve is unique and has way more warmth than any guitarrist I have ever heard since Randy,...but Eddie Van Halen also can play like him,....but his style differs because he is ROCK oriented,...and doesn't have the music time in the songs to construct entire songs around leads, like Steve so nicely does. Nuno as well,...but he would rather groove up the cosmos,...and then rip some blindingly amazing leads when he sees fit.

every one is as capable in the pro circuit, Rusty Cooley,...and to me the most "unstoppable" guitarrist MAB,...maybe not the best,..because there is never a best only what you like,...but Michael Angelo Batio seems like he can play just a weee bit......

It's all style,..and all the Professionals are pioneers of there OWN style and that's why they are successfull.

Jim and Steve,...and MAB and Rusty, and Nuno, Eddie and Darrell...all play just as good,'s where they take their articulation that differs,...and in differing articulation also brings to light the presence of differing techniques used and how intense or how often used.

No one will ever share Randy's spotlight though.......
afterall it's hard to steal thunder from a bolt of Lightning from the Lord

Ultra :)
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