New Steve interview

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Joined: Thu Jan 27, 2005 12:33 pm Ultimate-guitar...check it out...interesting read as always...
he talks a bit about the next studio album which sounds killer... ... _what.html" onclick=";return false;
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Excellent find! Thanks for sharing.

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That's a lot of great news!!!
Thanks for posting!
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great find!
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Oh man i want to go to the Steve Vai festival so bad!!!!
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I've read it already :) Great interview :)
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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"Steve Vai festival" Awesome, better start saving up.
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Very cool!
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girl from Kiev
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Yeah, it's really great! :guitar :headbang :peace
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Claus P
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Great news about a SV festival - "Dutch Symphony Orq.." are we then talking about the Metropole Orkest? And could the creative catalyst possibly be Co de Kloft (from the NPS)??
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"Put musicians in a room, hit record and tone down the production on the next album". THAT`S WHAT I WISHED STEVE TO DO FOR YEARS!!! WOHOO!!! :guitar
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"I want to write an album which is very melodic and very intense, yet is a throwback to the seventies where you would just group together a bunch of musicians, and record something.
That's what I'm looking for."

:) :) :)
"This gave me great freedom to pursue whatever I wanted, and that's usually when the greatest music surfaces."
:) :) :) :)
"Feel free to do what you want. Let everything go, and write the music that you want".
:) :) :) :) :)
"I also have another forthcoming project, and that I'm very excited about. I was approached by the Dutch Symphony Orchestra. In October 2010, they will host a Steve Vai festival, which'll boast five days of all these Steve Vai related things (laughs). One day will see small ensembles performing my music, while another day will possibly see me with my group. Also, another day will see various friends of mine that I've performed with and played with. Two days worth of compositions with the orchestra will occur. I'm so thrilled, and so honoured. It'll take a lot of work, so I'm blocking out four months of undisturbed time."
:) :) :) :) :) :)

Feel free, what else :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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I particularly liked this one:

If you had to give one piece of advice to an aspiring guitarist, what would that piece of advice be?

Really enjoy playing the guitar. Don't worry about anything, and play no matter what. Play regardless of what anyone says, regardless of any fears you have, regardless of whether you think you're good enough or not, and regardless of what the world thinks. None of that matters. Playing is a personal, cathartic process. It's our birthright.
:peace Thank you Steve
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I have seen it,..very cool gravy.
I Like a whole lot,..... EVERY interview with Steve.
(even the 4 part one about his experience with Frank)

>On the "really enjoying" part,...
it's my favorite hobby, ever since I was 10 :) I asked for an electric when I was 10 because I wanted to, and felt ready to teach MYSELF. with no outside input, was and is my ongoing mission. I enjoy it so much, sometimes it's better than sex when you are happy with what you made up. No orgasm though,....just a wave of perceptive present space time events re-witnessed with warmth in the heart and tingling in the skin. (I have wanted to baptise Louise for a while now, but I wont just in case I let others try her

>On the "what everyone says",...well, Joe Satriani I hear a lot from other bands, to describe my instrumental material,..although I have only heard 3 songs of his ever. IT's about articulation efficiency, and material attractiveness, and or storytelling ability. not how many chords or scales you know. My articulation can hang with anyone on the planet, so I'm as comfortable as a squirrel taking a lazy fall nap in a hollowed-out tree trunk, on a bed full of leaves, with a stomach full of peanut butter sandwiches ;)

Steve's words are always not just wise, and sensible,....they just sort of click. you know?
He is pure guitar awesomeness. Wicked gnarly to hear any advice from him.

I'm quoting Garth now,..
"I like to play"

Ultra :)
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