Things you wish you hadn't said to Steve?

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I`ve met Steve only briefly in a CD signing session. You can`t call that "meeting somebody" `cos people were just standing in line and shaking Steve`s hand in a nicely fashioned order. I managed to utter the words: "Thank You" and neither of those words I do not regret. What would I say if I`d get to meet Steve more than briefly? Nothing more. I only have the feeling of gratitude.
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Mr Clark
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After a concert last year i told steve that after that concert we were all a bit vaisexual... durr.. :D
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Kamenrider Ryuuki
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"why do you hate rock stars?"
"do you consider Passion and Warfare to be a pop album?"
"is Coverdale any good?"

simple. and nothing else matters.

what I wished I would say to him if I meet him again =

"yes, you rock!"

dont put down the phone yet!
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