The #?@! Yourself Appreciation Thread

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The song is really good... but it's important to note that it was re-written and recorded in the late 90's just before "Leftovers" came out.
Of course it was originally wrote with the "Fexable" stuff and I even have the 1983 recording of "F__k yourself", but in "Leftovers" Steve re-recorded (or recorded for the first time) many songs... for example "The x-equalibrium dance" which I like veeery much.
The notes in the cd booklet for these songs say that they were WRITTEN in 1983, but they "forget" to say that they are new recordings. Moreover Steve took care of some details... like asking to Chris Frazier (his "old" drummer) to play drums in "The x-equalibrium dance", but this doesn't change the facts.
Let's make it clear: there's nothing bad in re-recording some songs, but it would have been better to explain it in the liner notes!
Anyway I hope to hear more music from those years... actually I can't wait for "The Classifieds" cd!!!

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Well considering #?@! Yourself contains references to grudge rock, the internet, and other things not present or virtually unknown in '84, it's not hard to figure out it's a new recording. I don't think Steve tried to hide that fact, he just didn't feel the need to state it explicitly. But not all, or even most, are re-recordings. 8 of the 13 songs on the re-release are in their original state.

Ditto on the Classified disc, though. It should be great.
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"If you can't take it, eat my STOOL"
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fitzman79 wrote:"If you can't take it, eat my STOOL"
Haha, that's one of my favourite parts, I love that song, and the long solo is great.
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Fuck yourself with this grunge rock noise
I mean, stuff those albums in your groin
They come down on me because I know how to play -
Hey... fuck you!

Always gets a laugh :)
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classic zappa mentality... its about the music, not the lyrics!
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The Solo is sick,...the groove is perfect.
and the ending is perfectly Steve

his words are profound,..and very funny.
I love the song entirely.
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