Favourite vai NOTE !!

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It has to be in Tender Surrender, right after the solo at 3:06

It just sounds incredible, like the guitar is screaming, but in a great way. Every time I listen to it it sends that shiver down my spine.
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I went through and listened to your suggestions however I am surprised no one called out 2:14 into Midway Creatures! I know it's a MIDI tracked note but HOLY COW :shock: does it raise chills every time I hear it!
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I completely forgot about the stunning slidenote in Hand on Heart 3:03. It makes me shiver everytime I hear it.
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This ones probably odd, but

Feathers: 4:10

That one note says to me, yea, this song is slow, but I'm gonna kick your ass with it anyway. I'd love to know some of the solo theory behind that note actually. It's one of those kinda sour notes that doesn't really sound like it belongs there but it works.

Steve does it a lot, dimebag was big on that too, and I have no idea what you call it lol.
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The bit just before the tapping bit kicks in, Midway creatures, always chills down the spine.

The there's the 1st note of FtLOG and Hand on Heart , and the dive in Frank.

Edit:Also the note before the solo kicks in in The Silent Within
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The Bad Horsie note 8)
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I thought this thread had been deleted ! :lol:

I posted it a while back in some other forum section(general music i think)...came back and it was gone !
I felt a bit humiliated to be honest ! now i'll have to go and read all the posts from the start...DOH !
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My fav 'vai note' of all time, is not even played by vai, and its not even on the guitar... just something about this note i love, the tone of is just awsome, i can rewind it and listen to it over and over again... and i'm being totally serious....

on Building The Church, the snare drum at 00:20 (20 seconds) into it is the greatest vai note of all time. It is perfectly placed in the song, and the bit of flange and reverb just sets the mood for the rest of the song...

That is my fav vai note, seriously

and i'm not even a drummer
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smiffy wrote:The whole crescendo part of Lotus Feet, especially when Steve hits the high notes just after the trumpets plays the slow "Mannheim Rocket".

The pentatonic sweep in Blue Powder.
x2 absolutely
that part touch the heart with such intensity
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My personal favorite while playing is 2:23 of "I Would Love To"

Vai's has got to be 4:16 of FTLOG, he points to it.
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The Murder Prologue, 1-2 seconds omg !!! awsome bending :shock:
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Nice thread!
For me, gotta be the bit at 1.22 of Tender Surrender, the part where Steve plays three chromatic notes then returns to the first one but with such amazing vibrato! Love it!
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Danny777 wrote:It has to be in Tender Surrender, right after the solo at 3:06

It just sounds incredible, like the guitar is screaming, but in a great way. Every time I listen to it it sends that shiver down my spine.
What a great thread!

I agree with you Danny, not just my fav Vai note, but possibly an all time contender! :)
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It's like asking me to choose between my two kids!!..

Although, one comes straight to mind. It's 2:40 and the passage leading up to it on the track 'Christmas Time is Here' from Merry Axemas.

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6:30 in the Metropole Orkest version of "Bledsoe Bluvd". It's a sustained guitar note that is then followed by a clarinet solo. It's an awesome transition and it's really effective after all the build-up.
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