Sound Theories DVD UK?

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I just received my copy shipped from the USA today - guess the postal strike over here held it up. Still it was well worth the wait. What is more I now know how Steve plays that chord at the end of the Gentle ways solo. That is the one that involves playing F# on the E string, D# on the B string, C# on the G string and B on the D string (21st fret!). It just didn't seem physically possible on an acoustic (even my EP7) as the cut away isn't big enough. It is even a stretch to switch to quickly on an electric. The DVD showed Steve fretting the 21st fret B with his right hand and plucking the screens with his remaining fingers - what a genius! :)
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It's not on sale in the UK. I have spoken to staff in tgree HMVs and Virgin shops and they have no plans to get more stock in. Apparently, they order about five and once they sell out that's it for the next few months.

I have ordered mine through Amazon because, surprise, surprise, don't have it either.
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I guess I'm lucky but I purchased Visual Sound Theories in my home town of Aberdeen in the UK this week, there is a fantastic CD shop here called OneUp which sells a variety of music. I even managed to pick up a copy of Frank Zappa's Imaginary Diseases recently (and I also don't have to repeatedly spell words like "Satriani" and "Rundgren" to the assistants) Though the DVD is abviously pretty hard to come by I heartily recommend that for all future music needs give the commercial brothers that are the market leaders of music distribution a miss and try to find a music shop that has an interest in music.
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