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another virtuoso
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ive seen a few clips of the metropole event. the DVD/CD will be absolutely outstanding!
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Always exciting news to hear new releases from you Steve is coming. Bring on the goods :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Thanks for your kind words Mister Steve Vai!!!

It's always a pleasuse reading this notes.
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Thx steve!!! awesome note !!! Can't wait to hear more from you and to get the DVD :headbang :mrgreen:
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Well, nice news from you Steve . It is good to hear you havent forgot us :lol:
I am rwally happy to read you will include all materials available and not only the taped show in Groningen where i attended. Can't wait to experience again this fabulous souvenir !!

Strange to say, but i am so waiting for Gentle Ways version form Aching Hunger II .. you got me on that one :wink:

And to all of you, yes, it will be a fantastic experience cause these show were just awesome. i particularly point out , like Co did before teh shows, the parts written by Steve for teh Metropole. They are so powerful and so well arranged by teh orkestra ...

Steve, see ya aat Arrow festival :wink:

Flo (my real name :P no kidding !!)
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I've been waiting for this for years! :)
I have to admit that I'm surprised that Theadolite and Memories are apparently not gonna be on the CD, especially Theadolite, which is awesome! Any particular reason? It's ok if it's top secret...lol
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ladies and gentlemen, thats what i called a MUSICIAN
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This is nice to know & it's nice to have something to look forward to. It's people like Steve that make this such a wonderful world to live in. I seriously doubt I'd be here right now w/o the impact that music has had in my life, & Steve has played a HUGE part in me being able to sustain myself in my life's drama.

All I can say is: "Thank you Steve (& everyone else involved), it's greatly appreciated & just know that you've made more of a difference in my life than you probably realize. MUCH LOVE to you all. :peace :guitar
Angry Chair
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Thank you Steve...!

I'm really looking forward to this. One thing I like is that the CD tracks will be different to DVD. So many bands when they release live dvds just use the dvd track to use as a CD and cash in twice without giving the buyer some variation. But I like how Steve is so meticulous in that he gives the buyer some differences which means great value for us, (financially and musically...!)

Very commendable...! It means we may have to wait longer but it will so be worth it....!


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I've just red Steve's postcard on Feb 19th.
I'm relly glad that I/we can know what Steve is doing now. Thanks so much! :)
I then was able to move onto "I'm Becoming" and "Salamanders in the Sun."
I really love these songs from the first time when I listened to them. I heard "Salamanders.." in the Ultra Zone Japan tour, it was the first time for me to go to Steve's show(s) and I became a fan of Steve at that time. "Salamanders.." really impressed on me because of its beautiful and elegant melody and rhythm. Since then, this song is always listed within top 5 on my fave songs of Steve.

And "I'm Becoming". I really really love this song, too!
I heard it during the RI US tour show for San Diego at the first time. I was deeply moved to tears when I heard it. At L.A. show, also. Then I returned to Japan and enjoyed all shows for G3 in Japan. I was really surprised Steve played "I'm Becoming" in Japan, too, and this song made me feel special. But.
When we were in Japan for G3 we opened the first show with this piece. I don't know if the audience got it. I decided not to play it anymore on the Japanese tour as I felt it was a personal piece of music that would play better in a full-on Vai show.
Oh......... :(

Actually some of us Japanese (including me) got what that song was... It was sad that our love for this song didn't touch Steve at that time... :(

...Anyway, Steve played "I'm Becoming" at the shows for UDO Music Festival in Japan last year and I/we could enjoy this song again. :wink: (Of course I was moved to tears again. :oops: )

Well, I'm looking forward to these my fave songs on the new CD/DVD! :D
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I remember hearing "I'm Becoming" for the first time. It was here in Boston on the RI tour. My sister and I looked at one another kinda like this :shock: . It was the most beautiful and mesemerizing pieces of music I had ever heard. When I went to Dublin and Greece, I was looking forward to hearing it again. It's a piece of music that takes me over.
I was lucky enough to hear it again at one of the ZPZ shows I attended. Steve had taken a small solo spot after one of the songs (can't remember which one now), and started playing "I'm Becoming". Me and Niki couldn't believe it. I don't know what came over him to play it, but I'm sure gald he did. Needless to say, I was crying like a baby while he playing it. Steve sure knows how to tug at your heart strings. Anyway...a beautiful piece that I look forward to hearing again on his next tour.
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sounds like the song 'i'm becoming' is amazing..

Can't wait to hear it :D
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I looooove I'm becoming! Steve has got that perfect guitar sound in that piece..can't wait to have it on a cd.
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These postcards are awesome, thanks for letting us in on the progress your making. Can't wait to sink my ears into it.

BTW...the post card section would be a great place for an RSS feed Mikey.
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When we were in Japan for G3 we opened the first show with this piece. I don't know if the audience got it. I decided not to play it anymore on the Japanese tour as I felt it was a personal piece of music that would play better in a full-on Vai show.
I think ...Steve isn't understand the thing of a Japanese fans.
I love his music very much.
But I sometimes occasionally hold the doubt in his comment.
Japanese fans waited for him for a long time as for G3 in 2005 and last year's UDO.
Japanese fans understands, and needs Steve's music.
But, There is a language barrier between us and you.

Therefore, please do not do such writing. :(
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