London Guitar Show - Exclusive Steve Vai Masterclass

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you were out eating with steve vai afterwards? o_O

That's great :lol:
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Seraphim wrote: Image
Enjoyed all your stories, pictures, etc. :D
Nice to see a lot of you did meet Steve, Ruta & the other forum members.
Damn, I wish I was there :(
So who's who in the picture here above?
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WOW! What an amazing weekend we had in London.
I just want to say how great it was to see all of you there. I'm thrilled Steve made it to the Fox the morning of the Masterclass. Now you all know why I was stalling on keeping you there, and not heading over to the LGS. :lol: It was great to see all of your faces when he arrived.
I will be posting pics in the photo gallery today/tonight. Still trying to get myself back in the groove.
A few words for my fellow Vai.comers:
Gavin: Thanks so much for all your info on getting around London. You were a huge help. It was wonderful to see you always. Congrats on the exam. I knew you would do well.
John and Nila: Always a pleasure. We had a blast with you guys. I am so happy we were able to spend time together sightseeing, having dinner etc. I'm glad you liked the gift, John. I think Steve liked it, too.
Paul: Thank you so much for the photo album. That was so sweet of you. It's sitting proudly on the living room table for everyone to flip through. Great to finally meet you.
Angelika: Glad your dream came true. You fianlly met Steve. I'm so happy for you. Your face said it all that day. It was great to meet you and hang out for a portion of the trip.
Sue and Resh: You guys were great. You're a good mom. Resh is very proud of that JEM. ;) I'm glad you guys enjoyed hanging out with all of us this past weekend.
Fineweather: Thanks for the book. That was very sweet of you. Hope you had a safe flight home to Japan.
Seraphim: Always great to see you. Sorry you had to leave Fox early on Sunday, but we had a good time with Steve on that Sat. morning.
Claus: Great to meet you. I didn't think you would make it back Sunday for the signing, but I'm glad you did.
J: It was awesome hanging with you after Steve left on Sunday. I'm glad you were able to stay and chat for a while. You did a good job getting Steve to the right place. 3 Fox bars in the same building. Crazy!
Axemadman: It's a shame I didn't get to formally say good bye to you on Sat., but I'll see you soon. Dublin in July. Great meeting you, and looking forward to seeing you this summer.
Lucy: Great meeting you finally. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in London.
Steve already knows this, but I just want to thank him for taking the time to hang with all of us on Sat and Sun. Between classes, signings, meetings, and interviews, he always finds the time to hang with us.
You are a true gentleman. It's no wonder I travel all over the world to see you. Thanks for making this trip even more special. You are always the cherry on top. :D
See you all soon
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Claus P
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cbr1000f wrote:
Seraphim wrote: Image
Enjoyed all your stories, pictures, etc. :D
Nice to see a lot of you did meet Steve, Ruta & the other forum members.
Damn, I wish I was there :(
So who's who in the picture here above?
From left to right:
Andrew/Axemadman; Nicole; Seraphim (Anibal); Angelika; Christin; Fineweather; Claus; Reshad; Sue
Photografer: 'one that could be trusted'

BTW - great to read all the reviews from my good friends (sorry that I forgot you Lucy early on). Looking forward to more of your photos to come because as you know, the memorycard in my digit camera had decided not to work that day. :cry:
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Guyz thanx for posting and sharing ur experience for us who could not be there, you all seem to be nice people and I wish I could meet some of you if not all some day.

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It´s taken me a few days but I finally put up the chronicle of the masterclass and the picture gallery. It was a nice experience although I had something really different in mind (seats, passing the mic...).

I did not enjoy the fair itself that much. The Ibanez stand only had a few guitars in it.

I couldnt hang out Sat after the masterclass or Sunday because I was with my GF celebrating our first anniversary. Who takes his GF on an anniversary to a Steve Vai masterclass? :lol:

The chronicle and the picture gallery can be found here:


Just click on the Steve Vai picture to get to the report and picture gallery. There are about 20 pictures.

:IDEA: I was thinking about writing a chronicle in English as well, but I am not a good writer. Should anybody want to contribute jsut drop me a PM.

Have good day folks!

Note - I will be posting the same message on the concert reviews and in the photo gallery boards just in case :roll:
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It great to see all these pictures - I had no camera apart from my camera phone which ain't great quality. Now I have photos to go with the memories.

Sorry I lost you guys but I got caught in the moment and wondered in a daydream around the guitar show - then I went to Ruta's seminar which was brilliant. By the time I got into the live room it was full.

I had to catch a flight home after that but it was a very memorable and enjoyable day all round.
Stephen Brown
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I just wanted to say thank you so very much for coming to London Steve.
Me & my wife were right in the front row of the first session that you did.

All that you were talking about seemed to hit a real chord with me. To tell the truth it made me think about what you said so very much. In such the direction that one should be taking & thinking in playing.
It was great to hear in the way you started & I'd like to say I'm doing the same thing bit by bit. Gear wise,idea wise & bassically building things from the ground up. I didn't manage to get as many photos as I'd of liked but I felt it was a mark of respect. There were so many other people snapping away that I felt it was becoming intrusive.

Thank you for your advice & encouragement!!!!!

I shall put up the some photo's that I managed to get. I even have one where your looking straight at

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Cleggy2005 wrote:Who is Phil Holborne anyway? If hes the guy trying flog me effects pedals then he looks more like a drunk tramp then a reputable businessman. Not to say hes a bad effects maker just not good for sticking on stage.
Sadly, due to the combination of some navigational miscalculations and a spectacular fast lane blow out (followed by an impressive team tyre change) on the way there I arrived too late to meet everybody at Fox but caught the Phil Hilborne and Nicko McBrain set on the main stage (where Phil Hilborne seemed stuck on stage just fine), then saw Steves first masterclass from out front and also listened to the second one from backstage.

As I undertand, the questions were posed online in advance by visitors to the LGS website and the best were compiled and read by Phil Hilborne.

Who is Phil Hilborne? If you are a UK guitarist and haven't spotted him in your guitar magazines over the last 20 years or haven't seen the We Will Rock You show, or tried his Fat Treble Booster pedal, then you could check his website ( which says:

Musical Education:
Classical Guitar - Studied with Prof. W.Grandison
(Trinity College) and Harpsichordist D.Galbraith.
Electric Guitar - Self taught.

1986-2007 UK, Europe and USA with Phil Hilborne Band and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden).
Many live demonstrations and clinics for leading music companies; including Gibson, Ampeg, Cornford, Vigier, Paiste, Sonor, Zildjian, PRS, Washburn, Fender, Seymour Duncan, Larrivée, Beyer Dynamic, Kitty Hawk, Crate, Hohner, Ernie Ball, Marshall etc.

For the past 17 years Phil has been part of Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain's touring clinic band and has done many successful gigs/tours with him including his 'Rhythms Of The Beast' and 'Return Of The Beast' tours, Frankfurt Music Messe 1993, 1994, 2003, 2004, Drummer Live Show 2004, 2005, 2006 and the London Guitar Show 1993, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

Music Editor:
Guitarist magazine (1985-1995)
Music/CD Editor:
Guitar Techniques magazine (1994-2003)
Contributing Editor (2003-)
Curriculum Director - Brighton Institute of Modern Music (2002-2005)
Musical Director - National Youth Rock Orchestra (NYRO) (2005-)

Held numerous guitar clinics in the UK and Europe, including the prestigious Bath International Guitar Festival (1999-2006)
Head of guitar at Felsted music school (1993-1999)
Visiting faculty; MI London, Guitar Institute Acton and the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

Privately Phil has taught literally hundreds of guitarists.
Ex-pupils have gone on to or have worked in bands such as Bonnie Tyler, Ronnie James Dio, 2 Die 4, Slade, Matchbox, The Wildhearts, Kevin Dubrow (ex-Quiet Riot), It Bites, Mel & Kim, Pepsi & Shirley, Illegal Eagles, The Kooks, Australian Pink Floyd, We Will Rock You.

Phil has also taught one guitarist of the year winner, three finalists and one Ernie Ball Jam 2000 winner.
Three ex-pupils currently work as contributors to Guitar Techniques magazine.

Phil Hilborne Band: Are You Serious? (1992)*
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Bout Time' (1993)
Phil Hilborne Band: 15th Anniversary Album (2001)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'S.R.O.' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2000)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'The Yogurt Man' featured track on:
Fret-King Compilation CD (2001)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Strange But True' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2001)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Strange But True', 'S.R.O.' featured tracks on: Cornford 2002 'Amp Odyssey' (2002)
Phil Hilborne: 'Romeo And Juliet' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2002)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Strange But True' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2003)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'S.R.O.' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2004)
Keeley Pedal Demos (2006/2007)
Listen to Keeley Metal Zone demo >>
Listen to Keeley Vox Mellow Wah demo >>
London Guitar Show website music (2007)
Listen to LGS track here >>

*Used as theme tune to Tommy Vance's Radio One
Friday Rock Show.

Guest on John McEnroe, Pat Cash, Roger Daltrey,
Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain single: 'Rock And Roll'.

Other Albums/Recordings:
In Colour: Now Or Never [single] (1987)
Angel Easy: Lightning Strikes (1990)
Angel Easy: Angel Easy (1992)
Geoff Whitehorn: Big In Gravesend (1994)
Drome: Overload (1996)
Maria Kern: Tension And Harmony (1996)
Bassist Magazine CD (1997)
Brian Connoly's Sweet: 4 track CD (1997)
Memphis Roots: Things Change (1998)
Eric Roche: The Perc-U-Lator (1999)
Blaze Bayley: Silicon Messiah [co-writer] (2000)
Greg Fitch: This Is Greg Fitch (2000)
Mark Cherrie: Unplugged (2000)
Eric Roche: Spin (2001)
Mark Cherrie: Full on Metal (2001)
The Definitive Brian Connoly's Sweet
[2 tracks-Magic Circle & Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace] (2001)
Guitar solo from Magic Circle >>
Tony Muschamp/Frank Gambale: More Bass Please [Wombat Records] (2002)
Geoff Whitehorn: Geoff Who? 2002 (2002)
The Hamsters 'Open All Hours' (2004)

100 plus Guitar Techniques Magazine CDs (1994-)
Guitar Total [Spain] CD (1999-)
Various tracks for Guitarist magazine CD's,
Total Accuracy CDs and Total Guitar CD's.

Numerous sessions for TV and Radio including a documentary for the BBC Open University -
Studies in Music, Interpretation & Analysis,
The Appropriation of Classical Music in Heavy Metal.

Dave Kilminster/Fraser T Smith: Playing With Fire (1996)
Lee Hodgson: Hot Country Book CD (1997)
B.C.Sweet: 4 track CD (1997)
Memphis Roots: Things Change (1998)
Ernie Ball/Musicman: Demo Tracks (1998)
David Mead: Guitar Workout Book CD (1999)
Eric Roche: The Perc-U-Lator (1999)
Gene Lab: Anorak Lou [Unplugged] (1999)
David Mead: 100 Guitar Tips Book CD (2000)
Greg Fitch: This Is Greg Fitch (2000)
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD
[4 Tracks] (2000)
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD
[3 Tracks] (2001)
Fret-King Compilation CD [2 Tracks] (2001)
Eric Roche: Spin (2001)
Modicum: (2001) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Pete Riley: Double Trouble Book CD (2001) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Martin Taylor: Guitar Method [Mel Bay] (2002)
David Mead: 100 Acoustic Guitar Tips (2002)
Cornford 2002 'Amp Odyssey' (2002)
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD
[2 Tracks] (2002)
Guthrie Govan: Creative Guitar Books 1 and 2 CD's [Sanctuary Publishing] (2002)
The Fellowship:(2002) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
No Regrets:(2002) - Compiled/Mastered
Zakk Barrett: '11 by 4' (2002) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Adrian Legg: Guitar Bones [Favored Nations] (2003)
David Mead: Chords & Scales [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Jane: Up Close & Real (2003) - Compiled/Mastered
Pete Riley: '100 Tips For Drums' Book CD [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Roger Kain: 'The Complete Vocal Workout' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
David Mead: '100 Tips For Blues Guitar' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Clive Carroll: 'Pachelbel's Canon' [BMG/RCA Victor] (2003) - Mastered/Edited
BIMM Technical Development CD (2003)
The Hamsters 'Open All Hours' (2004)
Adrian Legg: Inheritance [Favored Nations] (2004)
Adrian Legg: 'Live' (2006)

Solo (1987)
Led Zeppelin Off The Record (1988)
Contributor to Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebbeek:
Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy (1990)
Elton John Rockscore (1991)
Reijo Hittunen's Chord Method [Editor] (1993)
Contributor to The Techniques Series 'Unplugged' [Sanctuary Publishing] (1996)
Featured Artist/Contributor to 'Seventeen Watts'
Mo Foster [Sanctuary Publishing] (1997)
'Hang on to a Dream - The Story of The Nice' by Martyn Hanson [Helter Skelter] (2002) - Featured Artist
'Creative Guitar 3 - Effects and Recording' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003)

Instructional Video:
Phil Hilborne Rock Basics [Warner Bros] (1992)

I don't have any particular allegiance but you asked the question and spelled the name wrong so thought I should answer!
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What does he want, a medal? :roll:
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A medal for a pedal :lol:

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that
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well apart from Phil Hilborne...

I want to thank to all of You guys for the amazing weekend, I can't even remember the last time when I was so relaxed and comfortable :) You all gave me a blast!
Christine thanks for being a link between Steve and the rest of us, I was right to believe in You ;)
It was my first time to meet Steve and I really wasn't sure how was it going to be. So far I've only heard from other people how great guy He is. Now I can speak for myself. I couldn't ask for more. Within 2 days I've seen Him 4 times, and two of them in a really intimate atmosphere.
That was an experience!
While watching Him playing during the masterclass I literally had tears in my eyes. I wonder if He had seen it, because He looked at me few times and actually remembered me. It was so great to hear "Nice to see You again, I saw You yesterday at the masterclass", I thought I was going to cry.
And after calling me "A Quuen Bee" Voodoo Acid will remain my favorite tune forever ;)

Thanks again for all of You, You welcomed me as a friend although we saw each other for the first time.

All the best,
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Phil H is an amazing guitarist
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Angelicosis wrote:Thanks again for all of You, You welcomed me as a friend although we saw each other for the first time.
All the best,
Very touching words. You are more then welcomed!!! You belong to the F gang... Friendly Fox Family :P

I have updated some more pictures in the proper thread but I can't resist to put this ones on this thread too in order to share with all my fellow friends... another emocional moment from that memorable weekend. Thanks to Steve Vai masterclass I have meet Uli John Roth :peace


:mrgreen: Anibal :mrgreen:
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just checked Uli JR website ...and guess what..

April 29th: impromptu jam with Phil Hilbourne, Nicko McBrain
L O N D O N - E x c e l - Main stage

:roll: :shock: :cry:
Its getting worse each time i look back on the things i missed out on in london lol
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