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Simon wrote:Hey, did anyone see Steve at the Royal Albert Hall in London? Was it a good gig. I was thinking of going but didn't want to spend £32 to have to sit through a load of Satriani (yaaaaawn) and Robert Fripp (zzzzzzz) and have a short Vai set. I saw him at the Astoria in 2001 and that was awesome. I can't wait 'till he does another solo tour!
Check out the RAH concert review thread

Steve had the longest set of the night, and despite many critisisms of the sound quality (me included) was absolutely awesome!!!!

Have to agree with cant wait until the solo tour tho :wink:


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disaxster wrote:
FireGod wrote:Hi guys! What about having Nuno Bettencourt playing with Vai and Satriani next year? I think that would be great... :D
what? :) already tired of yngwie? :lol: :lol: :?:
Yeah malmsteen is just doin' his show off all the time, i respect him a a guitar player but i don't like his scenic attitude (esspecially in the G3...) :roll:
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I think nuno would be perfect for G3. He's got that flashy speedy wow factor, looks damn cool, great song writer and he's a great all rounder. Him or paul gilbert.
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I am going to Barcelona's show this Sunday.
Does anyone know what time will the show begin ? Tickets don't indicate it.
Thank you.
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I went to the show in Oslo, on the 20th of June.
It was absolutely amazing! I loved all the three sets, but i have to admit; Vai's was the best.
Fripp's was very good, but maybe not right for the occation. After about 15 minutes someone in the front shouted "boring".

I must say, that i was a little bit disappointed of the jam, though.. I was expecting old rock'n'roll covers.

But still, a very good concert. In fact, the best i have ever been to.
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the glasgow show was superb. when's the DVD coming out? :lol:



Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Bob Fripp

witness the culture of scotland and get drunk whilst you do!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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My suggestions:

1. Nuno Bettencourt - massively talented guitar player. Steve and Nuno are my two absolute favourites.
2. Adrian Vandenberg - I heard he has recovered from neck surgery executed by David Lee Roth's daddy and he is able to play again. But I wouldn't suggest they play Whitesnake tunes together - they suck big time.
3. Tony MacAlpine - already on the previous G -uh- 4 tour, but I would like to see him play guitar more.
4. Pablo Gilberto
5. Steve Morse
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bob mac wrote:
Peabody wrote:My vote would be for EVH

someone needs to drag his butt and and get him to play again! :)
Totally agree!!!!!!

me three
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