Anybody actually dreamt of Vai?

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I've actually dreamt of Steve several times, and each time, I was either doing a gig with him, or on my way to a gig with him.
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dreamt i saw him with zappa plays zappa
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Had a dream the other night where I walked into a room and he was just chillin'. We started shooting the breeze and discussing his winemaking! I asked if he had any bottles left but he was fresh out. He was kind enough to offer me one of his esquisite and unique decanters though! The mans talents are limitless. Not sure if this indicates whether I'm a bigger Steve Vai fan or alcoholic! :oops:
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lol, indicates that you are an alcoholic Vai Fan ..... ;)

Had one the other night where I had like 3 or 4 no name guitars,...that seemed a lot like the jem 20th. I had talked with Steve like 3-4 times in the dream,...and we were gonna do something over the computer for some kind of recording software,...and I was looking for a clear green neck, to put onto a unplayed green acrylic body I had, give my friend's 10 year old son a complete brand new lucite green guitar for his 11th birthday. I was gonna give him this new dual humbuckered Fender, but when I went to reach for it, fell down the stairs and broke in half. I had like 9 electric guitars in the dream,....the wierd thing was,...that every time I would ask my Mother if she had seen my other guitars,..she would say, left them downstairs,...and I already had 3 cases in my hand,.....but when I went down and found three more of the nine I was looking to round up???(So I could build one for little Ryan) the other three I had would be gone,...and the process repeated itself for like an hour or so....VERY FRUSTRATING TO KNOW YOU HAVE NINE,....but can only find three at a time out of the

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Last night I seen Steve again :P

He was at tour and came to Turkey for concert and we were hanging out at backstage. We will playing together and talking about it.
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