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RI2 or a Guitar album. Go for the Guitar !!!!
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Honestly, its a win-win situation regardless of what you decide to put out.

That being said, if i had to choose i'd go with RI:2.
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Without sounding too greedy or impatient, YES! I want the next installment of Real Illusions Part II, however, if you're offering an instrumental to hold us over I want that too. I caught the Real Illusion tour in Miami and really enjoyed the acoustic set. It was incredible. How about an Alien Love Secrets on Steriod plus Acoustic DVD or is that too much? On another note, will the ep9 or JEM7V ever be available in lefty?
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I think you should certainly release another Guitar Driven album like ALS. Die to Live, Tender Surrender, Bad Horsie....more of these songs please. Although you have to promise that the 7th song is your best yet. If it can beat Windows.. or Lotus.., then i'll be a happy guy!

Good luck with the ZPZ Tour!
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wow, all of a sudden I'm really excited!!!

An 'ALS on steroids' type release would be fantastic :D

not that I'm impatient or anything :wink:
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Hi Steve,

Steroids are bad for the liver and overall health, but AWESOME for a guitar album kinda Alien Love Secrets....

Please don´t forget, if you take this path, to release a DVD version too!

You know, It´s nice to be able to see HUGE GUITARS too!



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"I guess no-one will know better what to do than you - however how about throwing a 100% accoustic album into the opus?"

I agree with this idea 100000000000000000000%! I would love to hear an acoustic album, maybe a little classical guitar thrown in too? I'll take anything you put out Steve, the ALS steroids is a good hold over until RI 2.


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I'm sure that whatever you make of it will blow people's minds like any other album you've made so far. But I'd go for the Real Illusions part II.

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If youve got something hot that makes you feel good playing... do it. I sense you want to take a break from RI 2, so go with the other material to refresh youself.
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Please Do. Real Illusions is great but I miss the old time feal you've brought to your previous albums. GO WITH THE "FLO" hehe.

All the best from NYC.

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Dude, having met you a number of times, anything would be cool and you'll make the right choice (i hope! - only joking) . An Alien type of record would be cool with everything dressed down. I think it gives people like us a real insight into where you are with your guitar playing and current mind set.

I have a little daughter that has just started to talk if you need a session singer for YA YO GAK part 2, but she is currently working with Coldplay as a Happiness Promotion Consultant so you'll have to wait until she gets a smile out of Chris before you can book a slot with her.

Seriously though, I'm up for more tunes in the style of Tender Surrender maybe with a quirky time signature like Windows to the Soul - what would that sound like? Maybe you could slam a gospel choir in there using them as an instrument rather than for the lyrical content. It would still be a pure sounding track.

Whatever you do, "Just Go For It".

Regards Steve, keep the music coming,

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well, as long as my opinion counts and really really matters in this even survey :mrgreen:

I would also like to hear a new record in the Alien Love Secrets Style. Besides, as long as you didn´t finish composing the Real Illussions Part 2 yet, you could collect some new ideas while making the other album.
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I'm a lurker here, but I'd welcome anything you put out. A real illusions on steroids album would be fantastic and could give you additional inspiration for RI2.

BTW, can;t wait to see you ZPZ and thanks for the kick ass music man!
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Just can say for sure, to develop one's music it is important to use as much as possible of different modes wich makes music more viv.
Instrumentail music is the best way to make listener hear what are you trying to say, what are you talking about through your music.
But it is also very important for a modern music to use other modifications of alternate modes so Steve you know what I am talking about!
Just make people to hear, to feel all the beauty of music and develop it, becouse music develops too and very fast.
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Steve that is the best idea I have heard in a long time!
Please write another killer/super heavy song like Bad Horsie!! and maybe Tender Surrender II.
Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration and writing music that means so much to so many.
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