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Steve Himself wrote:...It may take over a year so I was thinking in the mean time I would do an instrumental record that focuses on the guitar, sort of like "Alien Love Secrets" on steroids.


If this goes through, I will be a very very veryyyyy happy man.
Gonzo the Great
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Ciao Steve!
honestly "Alien Love Secret" is absolutely one of my favorite cd. So it looks like the EP, quick and focused form, worked great last time! i think u should do it, could be a change of pace between the two RI, a little change on perspective before coming back to something more layered and dense. Why not?
So for me, is definetely yessss!


See u soon with the Zappas in Roma!
Allen Garrow
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I would love to here something similar to ALS,,,but in order to put it on Steroids, I am many others I'm sure would love to here you do some 7 string work.

Please Steve play the 7 again! Do it for all the starving 7 string players and all the little 6 string players in this world.

That's my 2 cents.....

Jose Huevos
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Life is short...do what makes you happy.
Maybe just adhere to your own words and just go for it.

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No shit man. Do what makes you happy.
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Oh wow, i absolutely loved Alien Love Secrets, so yeah, bring it on! Like one of the guys said though, we appreciate any music that Steve throws at us, as there's always something new to learn from it. Can i also just change the subject and say what a complete gentleman Steve is. I met him in Wolverhampton in the U.K. at the Evo Premium Experience, and his interest in the fans was unwavering. He even signed a birthday card to my sister with the message, 'To Rosie, life is always Rosy! Best birthday wishes, Peace! Steve Vai.' She was nearly reduced to tears about it, she was so happy, and i got pretty emotional seeing her like that too. The only thing is, i wish i'd got a card signed to ME now, the message was that good!

All the best Seve,

Neil. :o)
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Alien Love Secrets on Steroids???

Just Do It....oh wait...errrr.....

Just Beeeee Yourself....no wait....

Just go ahead......ahhhh screw it........

JUST GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Alien Love Secrets on steroids."

"What's your thoughts on this? Would you like the next installment of Real Illusions or...???"

Do you need to ask????? Of course, get that crazy steroid album over here!
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I like the two posibilities but my vote is for a the Alien love secrets on asteroids.
It would be a good idea add a bonus DVD playing the songs live in studio (ok like Metallica did in St Anger album) or it's not possible like someone said before I would like the audio in 5.1 version.... Or make a normal CD but make something new soon please!!! :D

Oscar (Spain)
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DUDE !!! Like you have to ask.... YES PLEASE !!! I'll take another alien love secrets on steroids, crack, whatever ... You tearing it up on the guitar is my favortie sound(s) in the world.

Yes yes yes, bring it on.... we want more Vai music, no matter what form it's in. By the way instrumental guitar music f'n rules !!!!

So when do we get it? :) sorry, I just can't wait for anything new from you. You are the best!
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:wink: Greetings from Berlin Steve!

I think it`s quite obvious, that no matter what you release first, RI2 or an Album from Hell it self, We all will appreciate it! 8)

in my CD collection, I still have a lot of space under V, and my Jewel Box is not filled yet! :wink:

do what you gotta do! regards on Bill!

amokout! :twisted:
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I could only imagine how good Alien Love Secrets on steriods would sound. Bring it on.

PS Did you get my invitation to my son's 1st birthday?
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YES YES!! Releasing a stereoid instrumental CD is what I've been waiting for ! Alien love secrets features some of the most awesome and unique guitarplaying I've ever heard! It would be great to hear something like that again !! bring out the 7 string again yeah !!
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As much as I liked Real Illusions part 1, I find myself listening more to your totally instrumental albums. Especially the jazzy type songs that encompass the Seventh Song album.

I think for your next project, you should create yet another guitar album that are really heavy on the harmonious styles of the seventh songs. Maybe make FTLOG part 2? Or Call It Sleep part 2? Anything like that I'm sure the fans would love to hear.

But, that's just my opinion. I can only post my idea of what I would love to have.

Steve Gardner
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I most deffinatly think u should do an ALS on steroids, i'd really like to hear that it shouldnt prevent you from doing RI:2.

I mean christ u managed to finish fire garden whilst doing ALS, so yea why not.

Think though u should get yourself a drummer and bassist u've never worked with set a few weeks apart and go for it and release what ever happens.

also really looking forward to the Metropole DVD.
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