Televised Vai shows

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In the deeper realms of my mind, I seem to remember two televised Vai shows.

From Seoul (Fire Garden tour)
and Bulgaria (Ultra Zone Tour)

Having never seen these, I wondered if there would be any chance of these shows being released in any shape or form?
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Yes, please release at least the seoul one. I have mentioned this in other threads on numerous occassions but never get a response. Basically I am aware that on this gig steve performs the guitar dual with mike keneally from crossroads. Even if perhaps parts of the show could be available from the vai-tunes section that would be great, I need to see this live performance so thanks for bringing this televised show subject up
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they played live in the astoria on vh1 ages ago
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and Bulgaria (Ultra Zone Tour)
Yeah! :D I remember seeing this some years ago.
There was that Eric Sardinas guy playing with Steve.
Or was it Russia's Ultra Zone tour.. no.. I don't think Vai has ever played in Russia.

I've also seen Vai's Fire Garden concert from Japan.
It was awesome!
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He has done some late shows years ago.
1. "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" 3 August 1993
2. "Late Night with David Letterman" 6 February 1992
3. "Late Night with David Letterman" 13 November 1990
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WOW Music channel in Japan broadcasted a concert from the same tour as the one from Seoul....
Aside from the live concerts....Steve has appeared on TV a TON of times ;)
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