Happy Birthday Steve Vai!!!

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Martian Love
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Happy Birth-Day Steve!!!

Hope You Have A Good One!!!

Peace, Love, and Good Happiness Stuff
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happy birthday Steve; enjoy it.
see you the end of june.
Pat, (patrick)
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Hey Steve,
I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. You've been a wonderful musical and personal inspiration to myself, as well as scores of faithful fans all over the world. Here's to many more years of reaching the outer limits on both the guitar as an instrument and musical expression as a whole :)

I also wanted to thank you again for your incredible performance at The Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina, last March. It was an absolutely amazing experience, both Evo and the show. Great music, great people in your staff (Mikey’s the man), great fans (some of the coolest, nicest, and talented people around), and of course, the Gandalf- of-guitar-yet-ironically-most-kind-and-down-to-earth-famous-guy...you! Your advice to me was helpful indeed (regarding my frustration of trying to compose music I love despite much criticism from the local scene, only some interest from a few strangers via the Internet)...the fact that you were so understanding and able to relate really gave me a different and more positive outlook. Here's to "faith in the vision"...:)

And also, thank you for your kind words of "inspiration" after the show...the feeling is very mutual :) Your work continues to be a huge influence on me, both musically and spiritually. Real Illusions is neck-to-neck with Passion and Warfare as my favorite. It manages to be absolutely stunning and just plain cool at the same time. And suffice to say, Lotus Feet is completely beyond words. I really don't know how you do it, but I love it, so keep it up!

Here's my little photobucket for that great show in Asheville...

Once again, thank you very much, and I hope you have a great birthday.

Your dedicated fan,
Patrick Ashe

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hey steve :!:
happy birthday
have a good time !
we are waiting for you in chile

take care man , see ya! :wink:
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Hey Steve,
Have a great birthday and keep rockin'!!! I saw your show back in March in NJ with the EVO package. I want to say thanks so much. What a great night. All the best to you
Mike :D
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hi steve
Just like to wish you a very happy birthday..
i think i can speak for everyone whos ever met you..you are a kind caring person who always has time for your fans .
Each and every time i have met you ive never been dissapointed by your abillity to make me/the fans feel like a old friends.
then there is your music it has inspired million of guitarist wordwide..it touches peoples hearts and for all the joy it brings to me ..i thank you .

So heres wishing you a great day on your birthday.

peace and love and Good happiness


see you on the UK tour with a few EVO packages
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Happy Birthday, Steve!

Best wishes from Monterrey, Mexico.
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You're Music Inspires, Keep It Coming
Glad to meet you in Birmingham, AL 3/10/05, I Will Never Forget It
Happy B-Day Dude, Hope its the Best Ever
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Without you, my life would be very different. Thank you for all the inspiration, and happy birthday!
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Have fun Steve.
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dear Steve!!!!

Pass a great time with your familiy and friends , take care :wink:

thanks for coming to chile togueter G3 , the last december, was one the best days of my life! I hope that coming back to Chile!

kisses :D
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:D Congrats on another productive year, I predict one of your best. Looking forward to all of your forthcoming projects and hope you have the best and most rockin' birthday ever. By the way, any plans for a party? I vote for pics of Steve blowin' out his candles. I'd like to see what kind of cake he'd be getting. Alright guys (Tony, Dave, Thomas, Billy, Eric, Jeremy and anyone else I might have missed), buy the guy a cake and let's see what you can come up with.


Me (left) and my power twin duo Bro. (xmuddx, right) at the G3 '03 with Steve. I still can't get over it! 8)

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happy birthday man. you are the man. hope ya had fun
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Hey Steve,

I am a Marine stationed in San Diego, CA and would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! (YOU'RE WHAT, 25 NOW!?) i am stitting here on duty right now and all day I have been studying my classical guitar playing mainly under the examples and books I have by Christopher Parkening, another virtuoso like yourself.

I WAS REALLYING LOOKING FORWARD TO your show in San Diego in April (as well as Joe Satriani's) as I had just come back from a year in Iraq at the end of January. HOWEVER, the venue where it was at (4th and B) was 21+ and i dont turn 21 till next month. I called and explained my situation and that music is the core of my life and nothing means more to me than seeing outstanding musicians, such as yourself, play. They were not forgiving as they have there own stupid regulations to follow and told me you'd be around next year. I told them that "I'll be in IRAQ AGAIN NEXT YEAR! and what am I supposed to do?" So i missed out on a musical experience that could of had major impact on my life. But I try to believe everything happens for a reason. Enough of me bitching.

I really wanted you to know (if u even read this) that I WILL one day become a great virtuoso such as yourself. None of that hoping crap. I truly admire the things you do and the music you make and realize that you are a master of your craft and I too will someday be the master of my own. Just gotta wait for uncle sam to release the "ball and chain" so I can go study music 24/7 at Berklee and have the time develop my skills. I am originally from Hudson, MA (also the home of another amazing guitarist whom you've played with, Nuno Bettencourt).

I can't wait for the day to come when i will be able to spend all my time with music. I'm sure it is great that you are able to have invested so much of your life so far into music. Keep it Going. The world needs dedicated musicians like you to keep the real music alive unlike a lot of this fake crap bands that record companies mold today to make a buck.

Sorry for such a long post but this duty is killing me and I hate being blocked from fully engulfing myself in music.

Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and know you've got fans who truly listen to all your musical thoughts.

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Hey Steve Vai.....Happy B-Day. Thanks for the great music. Means the world to me!
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