Happy Birthday Steve Vai!!!

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Just wanted to start a 'Happy Birthday' thread for one of the greatest musicians it's been my extreme pleasure to listen to, watch on stage and say a couple of quick 'hello's to.

June 6th

Happy Birthday Steve, All the Best, Bless you and yours!!!

peace and light
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Well... Happy Birthday to you Mr. Steven Siro Vai. Wish you all the best... health, happiness, and good stuff like that. Looking forward to at least another 3 decades of music from ya!!!

Hope you and your family have a great day this coming Monday -- hope you are able to be with them, or at least a portion of them.

Keep on rockin,... 'cuz, YOU'RE THE MAN!!! :headbang
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Hey Steve,if you read this.....
It's hard to me write ALL the things i want to say to you now but,
I Need to say that you are great,worderfull,exotic,and many others adjectives.You're really the greatest rock guitar player of this planet. 8)

I don't have words to describre what do you mean to me as human being and what your music means to me and my family(yes,my family loves you too,my brother is 11 years old and plays Building the church on drums).

I want to be like you,my hair is like yours,my shirts is like yours,my shoes is like yours,Uff 8) ......heheh

I'm a Vai maniac,really.

And of course I have all the cd's and books of the absolutelly amazing Steve Vai,
actually i have 2 autographed cd's of Real Illusions: Reflections,that
I have bought in the Pre-sale,only to get the autograph.
The album is really great(as well as ALL of your albums),

I've been listening to it every day since the release date and
I keep listening every day.....
heeheheh this is sacred!!! :D

I have one tribute band for you here in Brazil,and maybe you will remember me,because I gave you one bracelet with the VAI simbol in December in the South America's tour(2004). Do you Remember that??

You used the bracelet in the second show and i talked with you in both days,
you can find pics in my reviews if you want to recall it,
that was a moment I'll never forget.....Thankx :shock:

So...............HAPPY BIRTHDAY............ to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If i have someday the pleasure to talk with you one more time,
I really can die happy,because you're one of the greatest guys i ever met,really 8) .
The day before the show i didn't sleep,because i had an aftershow pass waiting for me in the box office of the venue,
and in the next day i knew i'm gonna speak with one man very close to God(btw......are you god??) heheh...


Thankx for the peace,love and the goodness happiness stuff you bring to me and to the world,
and for these and anothers reason i can tell the world that you're the best,and i have proud to be able to play your songs with my band, my JEM, my legacy, my Morley wha-wha,etc,

I'm 14 years old now,and i've been listening to your songs since 1999,
So...it's 6 years of Steve Vai,
I know that i'm a very young fan,but.....
I really love the music you make man,don't stop NEVER :twisted: !!!!!!

God bless you and the ones,
Pia, julian, fire and the great Mikey Mesker!!

I hope to see you on tour soon,even if I'll need have to travel miles and miles away by plane,train,etc,

I'll get you on TOur....... :wink:

See'ya buddy,
Marco Antonio Lafico Junior


PICS Of the south america aftershow,hey steve!!!

http://vai.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=8 ... c&start=15


Ps-Sorry for my poor english :oops:
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Hey Steve, have a great birthday man. Hope you've had a spectacular year.
Party hard, and drop us a note soon man.

Your Toronto friend,
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wow so hows 45 feel steve?
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Happy Birthday!!!
Now, since you gave us the best recorded piece of music ever (Lotus Feet), what the heck can I give you..........?
I'll have to think about that one.
Quite tough........
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I love you, Steve.

Happy Birthday.
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RAI wrote:Happy Birthday!!!
Now, since you gave us the best recorded piece of music ever (Lotus Feet), what the heck can I give you..........?
I'll have to think about that one.
Quite tough........
heheh, what about the worst recorded piece of music ever? yngwie malmsteen song perhaps? or maybe linkin park? heheh kidding on. Happy Birthday Steve, have a good one!
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I'm getting in early this year because I was late last year lol...Happy Birthday Stevie, hope you have a great Birthday 8)
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a early happy birthday for the man who made me want to pick up the guitar! steve you are an incredible musician and i cant wait to hear the next album you offer us! have a incredible birthday man!
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Another year of your life filled with beautifull amazing memories, records, experiences and knowledge. Steve have a truelly wonderfull birthday, your life is surrounded by people who love you dearly, not just on the basis of what you do (and for so many of us too) but also for who you are, behind the music.

with warmest wishes

Kitzz :D
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Hi Steve!
Happy birthday brutha!
Thank you for all that you've given of yourself.
Never forget who you are and please continue to take chances.
You took some chances & gave us the best album ever recorded!
I wish there was some way to give it all back to you.
Also thank you soooo much for spending some time with me
in Philly on 3-28-05 & giving "OVE" her name :wink:
Happy Birthday Lord Vai!!!
Forever "in your Ray",
Peace & Love.....and good happiness stuff :wink:
Michael & ovE
EVO 555
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hey steve you probably wont read this but have a great birthday you deserve a good party for all youve given to us here at vai.com, all the excellent tunes youve done over the years are really great and you are one of the few people ho deserves to be called a "guitar virtuoso", i really hope you have a great one,

peace and love,

from jem_fanatic a.k.a Gary
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Hi Steve,


We hope your day is filled with the same love and smiles that you give to your fans. You are truely the most amazing and caring man who has ever touched our lives.

Whispering a Prayer to you!

Joanne and Mariah

PS We were at the Philly show like SRVoodoo. Although you didn't sign our guitar you may remember us - my daughter became sick on the last note of the last song of the encore (aka excorcist child - she thinks that name is funny)
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