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Steve, are you guesting by any chance on the next John McLaughlin cd
Rumors seem to be flying :))))
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get the newly remastered CD Que Alegria from John and his trio! Even if you are not into jazz/fusion!!! :D
It's Stunning :shock: !
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When I met Steve earlier this month I told him we would love to hear him play with John. His reply was that "oh, I could never keep up with him". Now Steve can be pretty coy when he wants to, but I would think that if something was cooking he would have made allusions to it at least.
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Part of an interview by Bill Milkowski (2004-04-16)
<<John McLaughlin: ...But I've got a lot of ideas for this project. I'd like to have Dominique come and just do one piece. I'd like to get Eric Johnson and Steve Vai involved in this project. They are guys that I've known for years and are great guitar players, but I'd like to put them in another environment, you know, in a situation that they've never been in before...>>

Then I skipped over to John's site and read in the "news"-section (10-07-05) the names of the artists who play on the new cd and I sadly discovered that Steve won't be on it. I guess, as there's so much going on this year, that Steve was simply too busy?
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I would love for Vai to work with some of the fusion masters. ^_^ I would much love to see Al DiMeola on a G3, and that's just one. He's already appeared on album with Al DiMeola.
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