I may Interview Vai, Any Ideas on question, please help..

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who is my baby's daddy?
The Prez
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Corrado wrote:here are 3 questions...

"when you'll be 50 years old you'll still be doing the same music or you'll turn into something different? (like Zappa did)"

"will you ever release an album without guitar (like the 'piano reductions' in the box set) ?"

"it's true that you have tons of unreleased songs and you want them to be released after your death?"

Those questions have already been answered, as Vai with the Jewel Box is relesing stuff, before his "Death", and Vai latly has been taking a different approach to the guitar. I think his later stuff is the best songwritten ones, not as much shread, but beutifully writen. And what would be the point of releasing a album without the guitar, it's Vai!
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I would spend more time talking with him, than asking questions to him. Specific questions can have specific answers, and that generally leaves more questions to be asked to which you may run out of time to ask.

I would talk to him about things like his belief in God, his preception of the world around him, how his past has shaped his future, and what events in his life helped broaden his horizons and helped him gain focus. I'd ask him how his relationship with his guitar, and his music are linked, and what his view on creativity is, what manner of methodology he takes to art, not necesscarily music in general. I'd get a bit metaphysical and philosophical with him.

I wouldn't probe him, I'd talk to him, I'm guessing most people wouldn't enjoy being pestered with the same old questions constantly.
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ask him if he wants to join my band!


ask him if he's considered touring with a full orchestra, sort of the fire strings tour or something. Maybe go a bit further with the musical i dea he was gonna use for this album.
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Hello-Not a question,matey.This is me first post. Listen to Renge...he has good ideas. Go deep.
Henrique Henriques
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Yeah! I would go with what Renge Said!! 8) :wink:
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Ask him what he would do if he wasn't playing guitar.

What is his favorite single chord to play, and why?

If he would want to jam with you? :lol:

We all know he "used to" play for 12 or more hours a day, why doesn't he anymore and what is it that keeps him from doing that

Where the hell does he buy his cool clothes

If he could only keep one thing of gear that he owned what would it be

Is steve multi-lingual?

Has he ever broken a bone?

Does he sleep on his back stomach or sides? (jk)

Does he have a lowered escalade with 22's and a flowmaster?

Does he go to any kind of church, and if so what church?

what was his most memorable screw up on stage

why doesn't he post more on the forums

why doesn't he pick volunteers from the audience to jam for the last song of a gig?

If he had to chose between guitar and his voice what would he pick. Meaning he could never talk or sing again but only play guitar. Or be able to talk and sing, but never play guitar again.

As far as his career what is his biggest regret. And what was he best decision he ever made

Damn, I can come up with so many, I should interview him
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I am currently looking to buy a decent stereo/home theater system.

I'd be interested to know what system Steve has.
Andrew J Dampier
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Some questions I know *I'd* like the answers to-

"What's most gratifying for you; completing and releasing a record, or playing onstage?"

"You said after the S&R record, that at that point in time, you just weren't ready to work in a band situation, with all members contributing equally; are we getting any closer to be ready for that?"

"Whatever happened to the original EVO neck? I know they desperately tried to fix it, to no avail, was it just trashed, or have you hung onto it for sentimental value?"
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Ask him does he prefer Strats or Les Pauls ? :P he he oh and does he still play for 10 hours a day ? :P :D
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Ask him why the Jem guitars are so damn expensive. It's just a hunk of wood, a few pieces of metal and plastic and they cost a fortune. And don't rag on me, 'cause this thread is about what to ask him and that would be my question.
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They're expensive because they're endorsed by Steve Vai - I also doubt he has much of a say in the prices.

Think about it: In musician's friend a wihle ago, they had the VWH model for $1800 and the VSBL model $1000. The only difference (other than the color) is that the VWH has an ebony fretboard - BUT, it's also Steve's main axe, making it more "desirable" than the VSBL
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Hey Shader,

I know he endorses them, but it's still a ridiculous price. $1000, $1800?? In Canada where I am, that's almost double. It's just a drag that they're so expensive. I happen to have two Jems, but they're both used(and cost over $1000 each and one was a gift to me. But holy crap, I could've had a car!!! Not a great car. :lol: The Jems are probably made by eight year old Japanese kids for 10 cents a week. Just kidding. I hope they're not.

Don't take me too seriously everybody. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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shader wrote:The only difference (other than the color) is that the VWH has an ebony fretboard...
Actually, the VWH uses Pearloid shell inlays accented with Abalone shell instead of plastic like the VBSL. This would increase costs. Plus the hardware is gold plated which generally costs more to produce. Therefore I would believe the VWH would cost more to make. Unless the sparkle paint is more expensive than the white paint, but I'm guessing it couldn't be too much more expensive. :) The only reason I could see why the VBSL might cost more is because it's a new guitar and demand is high and people want the latest. The VWH has been around for almost a decade now.

Dankon al vi,

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