dont like latest picture on guitar magazine

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Ok, now everyone gonna open threads "Does Steve smoke?"...


...inside the magazine, there are one picture with Steve holding a cigar...

:mrgreen: Seraphim :mrgreen:
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Hello Vai Fans.
I like the cover, Mr. Vai looks healthy and sexy as ever. It is nice to see his eyes looking right at you that close.... About the smoking thing, Looks like a white pencil to me??? :?:
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T bird wrote:Looks like a white pencil to me??? :?:
could be, I doubt he would smoke over the tape

but he did work with zappa and we all know how much frank smoked :lol: so maybe young vai borrowed a bit of his habit :mrgreen:
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i remember there is a video of steve playing with frank, and there is a shot of him taking a drag, so it is most likely a cigarette, though i dont have the magazine on me right now to look.
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To answer your the poster,...

Nope there isn't anyone on here who doesn't like the picture,....just you.

infact I thought what was strange about the pic was he looked TOO manly.... not for me,..not for him,..but from what we're all used to seeing. so I hope that suffices.

as far as the smoking thing....who knows?,'s not like because he smokes and you smoke you both will have the same thoughts and breathe the same way,..and be able to have the thought processes that come from a smoker lol rofl.. Started when I was 15 every day since
I'm 28 and I think I am ready to quit

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