Steve Vai's Generation Axe Rack

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Hello guys!Does any of you know what are the units in steve's rack in this photo, the ones in the middle. Image
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I think they are Synergy Amps.
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Steve is now using the Synergy system and they are developing a signature module for him. Here's a great video of Steve explaining the gear:
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It's either Synergy Amps or a Fractal. Steve uses both.
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They are Synergy amps modules.

Steve uses 4 of them in the combination with Legacy pre-amp pedal. The bottom two are the Morgan designed AC-30 style pre-amp and a Plexi pre-amp and the top 2 are Fender Twin and Fender Hotrod Deluxe pre-amps.

Steve said that he was using the Morgan designed AC-30 preamp for Bohemian Rhapsody on Gen Axe Tour. I'd imagine that the Plexi gets used on Highway Star and some of the other cover tunes plus possibly some of the PAW-era and eariler songs (since Steve was using modified Plexis then). Any of the "modern" Vai songs (after PAW) is the Legacy drive pedal.

No idea what he uses the Fender pres for, but I'd imagine the Twin is for cleans and got used for Sisters in Rio and maybe the beginning of Tender Surrender and Answers.

P.S. Greg Wurth said on Instagram that a Legacy module preamp is coming soon.
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