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I have a totally weird theory... You might get it if you've ever heard of and even took some time to ponder the experiment a Japanese scientist did, regarding speaking words to ice crystals...

The experiment's results suggest that if you speak and feel word's like Love to ice crystals they grow into neat and complex geometric shapes. But if you spoke and felt words of hate and disdain, the ice crystals will form random unformed shapes. Another experiment found the same results with soft music vs. "heavy metal?" I found that to be pretty ambiguous. But aside from that I found the results quite intriguing. I'm sure you could find it all on Youtube.

So it stands to reason a guitar that broadcasts the word LOVE might just have that sweetness that other guitars just don't have. But being a cool rocker...having the word LOVE somewhere on the guitar might not be as cool as one would like. I mean it would be ok.. but what if it would still work as well if you could jumble the word around a bit.. maybe keep the spelling, just reverse it and loose the L...
Steve's arm will make up the L. OVE = EVO

Of course Steve's magical playing is coming from Steve himself no matter what the guitar says. He could probably make your first Hondo sound good.

I got thinking of all this trying to think of something good to put on the head stock of a kit guitar I want to build.

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I have a warm feeling when you enter the roundabout here.
Dave Hunt
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Can U Steve, or anyone else tell me why are the shapes on EVO's frets in those peculiar shapes and how were they done that way? Is it a new idea :idea: Steve thought of 4 setting intonation or trying 2 fix an intonation problem?
or what.

Dave Hunt :guitar
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Google True Temperament frets
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