Buying the "same" gear, will not make you sound like Vai

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orlandopunk wrote:How did you even become site admin anyway?

I remember back in the day like 2006, you used to be another member, in fact, I remember you were that glasses guy in that pic with mike, I said who is mikey the nerdy guy in the t-shirt or something, I guess when you spend a lot time on this forum, things like this can happen

This forum is dead, my posts may be controversial but I'm helping keeping it active
Hey you scared little ass! How dare you insult some one from behind your coputer? You are pathetic in any way man! Jeroen is a hell of a nice guy and keeps up and running just because he is passionated, driven and loyal. Qualities you definitely don't have apparently. He is the opposite of some one who is a kiss ass just to get in.
Grow up and if not get the hell out of here and stop insulting people and specially if the are my friends.
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Jeries wrote:i took one of your tests

I am unhealth-ily narcissistic

the only thing i'm not narcissitic about is vanity/looks/appearence

other than that- i'm pretty unreasonably and psycho- narcissistic
Hahahah.....narcissism IS a common trait amongst musicians!
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