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by salamancafiesta
Sat Aug 14, 2004 11:38 am
Forum: All About Steve
Topic: How did you discover Vai ??
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I remember that around the late 80s I became obsessed with rock. My hero was Angus Young. Couple years later during high school had a bunch of friends in bands and we were always looking for the sickest guitar players (had about all the Shrapnel records released to date). Then it was the turn to dig...
by salamancafiesta
Sat Aug 14, 2004 7:11 am
Forum: General Music Discussion
Topic: Ring of Fire anyone ?
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About those European sounds. Well Im from Europe and I personally like more american rock. Most of the Euro rock and metal is based more on minor tonalities whilst american rock is kinda more major I would say, wow, Winger got some kick-ass-straight-away-mixolidyan-chords in their tunes. My kind of ...
by salamancafiesta
Sat Aug 14, 2004 7:05 am
Forum: General Music Discussion
Topic: Best Satch Solo
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More than solos, well Id focus on emotions they give me, so here are a few oof my faves: Driving at Night (N O T E) And the Forgoten Pt.2 and the Bells of LAL pt 2 too. The Bells of LAL is an amazing approach to a chord progression, I dont know how much of it was improvised but is totally mind blowing
by salamancafiesta
Fri Aug 13, 2004 2:45 am
Forum: General Music Discussion
Topic: Newbies to Vai and all things other
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What I would do is buy them in the order they were released HOWEVER I would not buy any DVDs till you´ve really dug up the albums,..., and when you have,...., well then you get the DVDs and move on the next step, the visual. Vai and Satch are painters in a canvas of sound so to say. It nearly took m...
by salamancafiesta
Sat Aug 07, 2004 11:53 am
Forum: General Music Discussion
Topic: Possible guitarists for the next G3 Show..
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Andy Timmons.

I ve seen Andy Timmons live 4 times. I have also seen the concert with Steve Vai at the Hoshino party (on video). I think AT is the PERFECT compliment for the G3. He´s a great showman, he is an incredible improviser and more important. He´s got tunes!!! A big plus is that he tours as a trio so I´d n...
by salamancafiesta
Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:13 pm
Forum: Concert Reviews
Topic: G3 Photos - Post and View Pictures here (long load time)
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G3 show in Madrid

got some amazing pictures at the show last Sat. check them out at

Leave ur opinions on the msgboard. thanx
by salamancafiesta
Mon Jul 05, 2004 10:25 am
Forum: Concert Reviews
Topic: REVIEWS: G3 Europe - 3 July: MADRID, SPAIN
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G3 in Madrid

In a warm July afternoon I set myself to see the G· concert. BEfore the show I was squirming around the backsage and got to see and talk to Steve, Jeremy and Billy. Got some pictures with the guys and stuff signed. As for the show. Robert Fripps set was somewhat strange to the whole G3 theme. He was...