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by Xevious13
Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:11 pm
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Is my Satriani Live CD the only one with the first few songs mixed up?It says Flying in a Blue Dream is first but Red Shift Riders starts off mine. :?:
by Xevious13
Sun Mar 07, 2004 7:39 pm
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Topic: who is robert fripp????
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Fripp opend for G3 in Boston when I saw the tour of Satch,Vai and KWS.I can only descibe his music as bizarre.I wasnt close enough to see what exactly he was doing to his guitar but he was sitting down and I almost think playing it with a bow(like a violin)lots of soaring sounds.I was not at all lik...
by Xevious13
Mon Dec 01, 2003 1:44 pm
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Topic: The 3 Neck song at G3
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The 3 Neck song at G3

Sorry if this has been asked before.I just joined the board.
I saw G3 in Boston.Fantastic.
What was the song Steve opened with , with the 3 neck guitar?
Maybe it is to new to be recorded yet?